Wed. Oct 21st, 2020
Auzai 21.5-inch Monitor

Recently, Auzai launched its 21.5-inch Monitor. At present, Auzai is selling its a 21.5-inch 1080p monitor for less than $100 USD on Amazon. According to the reviews and feedbacks, it is considered as the super cheap and super average model of monitors. Here we are going to discuss its features along with the reasons why it counted as super cheap and average.

 Auzai 21.5-inch Monitor
Auzai 21.5-inch Monito

The Auzai 21.5-inch Monitor Features

Currently, the full HD Auzai 21.5 inch monitor delivers an optimized image performance, with a clearer and more enjoyable screen experience. Features of this Full HD computer monitor are listed below:

  • Supports a 75 Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time
  • An overdrive for a crisp and fluid picture looks without any motion blur
  • Easily adjust display settings to best suit whatever you are watching
  • A blue light filter design
  • The slim anti-glare LED-backlit panel can counter the effect of blue light
  • Features HDMI & VGA ports for multi-screen setups
  • Supports various devices such as laptop, iPad, or smartphone
  • The earphone output function is also present
  • Supports a VESA wall-mount with a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Possesses an adjustment angle of -5~15 degrees

The user can enjoy a high-quality view with the latest Auzai monitor with the most preferred angle for the view.

Why Super Cheap & Average

The Auzai 21.5-inch Monitor has many features to explore providing a good visible experience to the user. Even though it is designated as the super-cheap model rated as super average. What is the main reason for such a rating we have mentioned some notable drawbacks:

  1. The first major drawback is its TN panel and subsequently, it delivers a limited viewing angle. However, it supports 100 mm VESA mounting but not offers great colors when rotated.
  2. The second drawback is the general graininess of the entire image display. Sitting at a normal distance from the screen it delivers a good image display, but not comparable to other monitors like the Dell Ultrasharp U2415.
  3. The third major disadvantage is the color accuracy of the display. Although color coverage quality is quite good at 95 percent of sRGB. But the color accuracy is just average with the color red even after calibrating the display.
  4. Fourthly, the plastic base of the monitor does not allow for any angle adjustments outside of a narrow tilt.
  5. The last but not least, another disadvantage is the proprietary AC adapter. The adapter is relatively short at around 3.5 to 4 feet in length and also does not support any standard AC power cables.

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Pros and cons

Overall the cheap Auzai monitor works well for web browsing, emailing, video, and other casual works. They are very light weighted monitors and therefore easy to handle. It has some pros including Cheap price rates, Light weighted, VESA mount along with this it possesses 95% of sRGB coverage. As we have detailed out its major disadvantages, its Cons can be concluded as inaccuracy of red color, screen quality is quite grainy, short AC adaptor and offers limited viewing angles.

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