Harry Styles released his newest music video song “Golden” on Monday

Harry Styles released the song “Golden” on Monday. The One Direction breaks out their released his newest music video for “Golden” this was the second solo album from the fifth and the first solo album was“Fine Line”. The song’s title matches the video, which features a bronzed Styles swimming, running, and driving along the Amalfi Coast, in that they show she is bathing in the golden hour light. He tatted up the whole concept of the video to the fans as a show in the three and a half minute video, with scenes of Styles sprinting through a tunnel and up a cliffside path, underwater clips, and five different outfits make the video beautiful. The 26-year-old man is a notorious clothes horse it is not to mention a Gucci ambassador and wore a dramatic chiffon gown in a video for “Falling” another song off of “Fine Line”.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

In top 200 lists, this song gets the first place

The record that was released last year this song was debuted for 1 place on Billboard’s Top 200 list in the US. “Watermelon Sugar” was the Billboard Hot first single song of the four songs later it went to the top of the 100 lists in August. For “Golden,” Harry went with a more dress he gave importance to down look: a billowing white linen button with a down paired with athletic shorts to run and a pair of white driving gloves behind the wheel of a vintage-looking convertible.

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His costumes in the songs

In another scene, he was a light blue color double-breasted sports coat. He also went shirtless that was showing off his many chest tattoos, paired with high waisted, wide-legged with patterned pants and a yellow rain hat for a few cliff centric shoots. Necklaces were featured importunately, including beaded chokers, a chain with a dangling cross, and his signature string of pearls in the time of the trippy video. The video played off the song’s hook, “You’re so golden” with a more fun shot of Styles. He says he enjoying the Indian summer in Italy. Still, the eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the missing piece in the video. Paparazzi pictures from last month of Styles driving a speedboat suggested with a nautical moment for the “Golden” video that might have been left on the cutting room floor. One of his fans demanded “Harry where’s this scene” on Twitter.

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