Merkel wants to close all bars and restaurants to halt COVID_19 spread

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, said she wants Chief of States to shut down all restaurants and bars from 4th November onwards to halt the coronavirus spread though she did not put a hold on schools and nurseries. Markel made the statement while attending the weekly cabinet meeting of the government at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday, 21st October 2020.

Restrictions on people going to public places

According to the resolution, to follow these new restrictions people living in Germany will be able to step out of their home with their family members and members of only one other family. Failing to comply with the new resolution, punishment will be levied upon the rule-breakers. Until now details of the level of punishment have not been declared by the German government.
The resolution reasons that local health administration will not be able to track and trace each coronavirus infection if the disease increases aggressively. The government felt they will not need to impose increased restrictions at Christmas if they reduce human contact now.

Angela Merkel
The entertainment industry in Germany will have to keep their doors closed for now

Later, on Wednesday, 21st October, if the state heads of 16 provinces of Germany, were in complete accord with the government of Germany, fitness studios, discos and cinemas will shut down together with theatres, opera houses, and concert venues.
On maintaining hygiene and putting a hold on the number of customers, shops were granted to run their business. However, restaurants were only permitted to provide takeaways.

German economy knocked hard by the lockdown

The country’s lockdown at the beginning of the spread of coronavirus knocked the German economy hard and so far Germany has been able to prevent a second nationwide lockdown. Although, on Tuesday, 20th October, the Chancellor of Germany raised an alert that if the coronavirus infections surge at the growing rate the health system of the country could hit a breaking point.
The government has so far been keen to avoid a second national lockdown after an initial shutdown earlier this year hit economic growth hard. Peter Altmaier, the Economy Minister of Germany added that the infection rates of the nation could increase to 20,000 cases a day by the weekend.

Changes resolutions for the hospitality industry in Germany

The drafted resolution to be presented on the next day revealed that the central government will financially help all the German companies economically hit by the lockdown. People living for non-tourism purposes in hotels will only be allowed to spend overnight. Brothels, swimming pools, cosmetic studios, massage parlors, and tattoo studios will have to keep their shutter down. However, physiotherapy services and hairdressers can stay open.
If the state heads come in complete accord with the central government’s drafted resolution, the heads will meet once in two weeks to discuss any necessary adjustments until the end of November.

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