Megan Thee Stallion has given us all a small sneak peak of her brand new debut album

Megan Thee Stallion has given us all a small sneak peak of her brand new debut album which is reportedly coming very soon and has been teasing her fans with very interesting and fancy snippets. On October 28, the “WAP” rapper had shared few of her behind the scenes photos of her album-development process on social media which also includes photos with her frequent collaborator, producer Lil Ju. She had posted a photo that featured a board of post-it notes that fans are already struggling to read, with “Trying to pick the songs I think my hotties will like the most for my ALBUM.”, as the caption. A funny comment describing each post-it to be an ingredient to this “crabby patty formula”, was reposted by Meg to her Instagram stories.

Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion

Possible Collab With City Girls

The “Sex Talk” artist had also taken to her Twitter handle to reveal some status updated on the forthcoming record, reported by PopCrave. When a fan asked if she was done recording, she replied saying that she had only two more features that had to be updated into her studio album. And when another fan asked if City Girls would appear on the album, she only with a devil emoji.

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Megan’s Marvellous Musical Career

So far in her successful career, Stallion’s focus has totally been on mixtapes, singles and EPs, her most recent one being “Suga”, released in March. The current next album, which is yet to release sometime into this fall, will be her official full-length debut, as confirmed by The Fader. The rapper’s first ever single was “Don’t Stop” , which featured Young Thug and was released in September, 2020. As she keeps her fans waiting for her new release, Megan has also been posting studio sessions on her Instagram feed, with the hashtag “#meganmondays”, to keep fans restlessly waiting for her new album. All of our fingers are crossed, waiting eagerly for the announcement of a release date, which we hope will happen soon.

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