Cyclone Nivar in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu India, All You need To Know

Cyclone Nivar remained practically in the stationary on Tuesday morning over the south west of Bay of Bengal and it  is about to have 410 km on the east south of east of Puducherry and 450 km south east of Chennai. It is likely to be intensifying that the further into a severe cyclonic storm with the next 24 hours and cross the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts between Karaikal and Mamallapuram that is around Puducherry on Wednesday evening with a wind speed of 100-110 kmph gusting to be at 120 kmph, according to the Meteorological Department. As the weather has been disturbed that has to be continues to gain the strength, the rain that spell over Tamil Nadu and Puducherry may last till November 27.

Measurements of rainfall

It may have a recall of the system that was moving at an average speed of 20 km in per hour on Monday. It is the movement that has reduced now. It is expected to move from west to North West wards once it as a form of a severe cyclonic storm and then North West wards. In the past 24 hours that is going to be ending 8.30 a.m. Tambaram that has recorded on the day the highest volume of rainfall is of 9 cm and that has been followed by Nungambakkam and MGR Nagar with the average rainfall of 8 cm. S. Balachandran, who was a Deputy Director for the General of Meteorology in Chennai had said that many places in the coastal districts and in a few interior places may receive moderate rains till Wednesday morning.

Cyclone NivarPlaces having very heavy rain

When the cyclone is expected to make a land slide on the coastal areas the experience widespread rains and many places in interior districts may get moderate rains on Wednesday. Rains would continue over the Chennai and it can behave to have the very heavy intensity in one or two areas. On Wednesday morning the places in Karaikal, Nagapattinam and Mayiladuthurai that can receive an extremely heavy rain of more than 24.4 cm. Similarly to that one or two places in eight districts such as Chennai, Kancheepuram, Chengalpet,Tiruvallur, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Thanjavur and Tiruvarur would get a very heavy rain till 24.4 cm.

While isolated heavy to very heavy rains can be expected in north coastal districts from Wednesday onwards, the rainfall intensity to be extremely heavy in one or two areas which has been said previously on Wednesday. Squally winds can be blow at a speed of 100-110 km per hour sometimes it was gusting up to 120 kmph in Nagapattinam, Karaikal, Puducherry, Mayiladuthurai, Cuddalore, Villupuram and Chengalpet on Wednesday when cyclone approaches on to the coast.

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