The Masked Dancer Premiere Reveals Identity of the Disco Ball to Viewers

Fox debuted Sunday with “The Masked Dancer”

A spin-off of the hit series “The Masked Singer” introduced viewers to a whole new kind of mystery music.

During the premiere, Masked Dancer presenter Craig Robinson introduced us to ten costumed attendees: a disco ball, zebra, ice cubes, tulips, hammerheads, moths, cotton candy, exotic birds, cricket, and sloths. Just like Singer, this competitor was a celebrity in disguise. But unlike “Singers”, their dance moves, not their singing voices, will guide you in defining their identities during the first season of the show. On Sunday, the first group of five. That is hammerheads, tulips, cricket, exotic birds, and disco balls. They shake stuff up when moths, ice cubes, cotton candy, exotic birds, and zebras look in Episode 2.

After the participants performed their preferred dance on a different track tonight, it was time for discussion participants Ken Yeong (“Masked Singer, double dancer” judge), Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green (former aspiring Singer), and Ashley Tisdale to vote for their favorites.

The candidate who managed to overcome it was the Disco Ball.

That danced to Uptown Funk Bruno Mars. He was revealed to be the rapper and actor of Ice-T. The jury’s guess about him was L.L. Cool J, Smokey Robinson, Ving Rhames, and Lionel Richie. Whereas Law and Order: SVU-Star was the first mask dancer to perform, nine participants were in season 1. And the person who remained at the top took home the Great Masked Dancer Award, which is an upgrade from the Masked Singer “Golden Mask” trophy.

“The trophy is the Diamond Mask Trophy. It is a huge diamond-studded trophy. It is very shiny and beautiful,” said Masked Dancer and Masked Singer Craig Plestis last week. “This is the most difficult trophy. Also, that much we’ve ever done for the set. When we delivered it, we decided,” Oh my God, can Someone take it? “But it would look good on someone’s fireplace.”

“The trophy is the Diamond Mask Trophy. It is a huge diamond-studded trophy. It is so shiny and beautiful,” mask dancer and mask singer Craig Plestis told TheWrap last week. “This is probably the toughest trophy. However, we’ve ever made for the series. When we delivered it, we decided, ‘Oh my God, can someone take it?’ But it would look great on Someone’s fireplace. “

Per Fox, among ten celebrities who appeared in the first season of “The Masked Dancer,” amassed more than 38 million albums sold worldwide, 20 Emmy Awards, 20 Grammy nominations, and ten world dance titles, five bestselling author titles in New York. Times, four Olympic gold medals, and three appearances in Broadway shows. “Masked Dancer” will change to its usual time slot on Wednesday, January 6 at 8 / 7c on Fox.

It’s been 36 years since Ice-T debuted on Breakin’

– but she briefly had a pop-and-shut moment on Sunday night in Fox’s “Masked Dancer” premiere. The stars of “Law and Order” SVU and O.G. The rapper was the first celebrity to be featured for the new spin-off “Masked Singer” (scroll down to see it), but he told Variety he was reluctant to put on the show at first.

“I said [to my manager]” Yo, my dance days are over, “Ice-T said.” I used to dance, but now I can [only] break dancing in my head. My bones don’t move at the same speed … I used martial arts to kick your head. I throw in the same kick and aim it at your head. He will probably meet you somewhere in your pocket. The hill just disappeared. “

However, Ice-T said her daughter was a big fan of The Masked Singer, and she decided she would be okay because Lil Wayne and Busta Rhimes had sung The Masked Singer. “Some of my partners have been on the program. However, I appreciate that” he said.

In “The Masked Dancer”, Ice-T dances in the disco ball costume “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

Even though the package with the hint even shows that Disco Ball is pouring a cup of iced tea (and points to a shark fin – “Fin” is the character’s name, “SVU”) … none of the panellists got it.

“Someone told Quincy Jones, and I created Quincy Jones shit. However, she was around 86!” she states. “But other than that, they can tell I’m black. Also, that’s an individual thing. But it’s harder than” The Singer “because you get nothing, you have to watch Someone move. I don’t know how they are. At least.” Singer “gives you a hint. But I enjoy this show, and I think it’s like watching celebrities and celebrities have fun, and I think it looks good.”

Ice-T said he started learning choreography right away when he began production for Masked Dancer. But then a suit appeared which he thought was not helping his movements. Brian Austin Green picked it up for L.L. Cool J, Ken Yeon for Smokey Robinson, Paula Abdul for Wing Rams, and Ashley Tisdale for Lionel Richie. For “The Masked Dancer” the event offered various themed songs as well as “Women in Black” (not “Singer’s” “Men in Black”) to accompany the participants.

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