When Kristin Cavallari posted an Instagram photo with him, Stephen Colleti was not prepared for the attention he was about to receive.

Stephen’s First Reaction to the photo

Colleti via an interview on Zoom said that it was a little shocking as the onslaught of attention did make him nervous. The “Laguna Beach” alum – currently doing the show “Everyone is Doing Great” along with James Lafferty and Alexandra Park – added that it was nice to see the audience still invested in them so much. The show was released a long time ago, and everyone on the cast has some fond memories intertwined with the show and it was really warm that the people still reacted to the picture with so much love. Colleti said that his phone had to be turned off for the day because of the constant buzzing.

Cavallari’s motive behind posting the photo

Cavallari admitted that when she posted the picture, she knew it would be sensational, but she just did not know how much. Cavallari had posted the picture after the split with her husband and later she admitted that the photo would go viral. Cavallari said that this picture was her most liked picture on social media. The picture had more likes than all other pictures of her kids and family.

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Public opinion about the picture

The public reacted to the photo with warmth and love. The picture is the most liked picture in Cavallari’s feed and people still created a headline out of it. Social Media was flooded with questions about the couple’s whereabouts and personal life. The news of the viral picture was shocking to both the stars as it was a very old show and they did not expect the audience to react the way they did.

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