Armie Hammer is a 34 year old American actor that has starred in several movies and sitcoms that were popular some of which include call me by your name. Armie hammer has bagged a lead role in Jennifer Lopez’s comedy movie shotgun wedding. Armie Hammer had a main romantic role in the movie until recently he disclosed he will not be doing the movie anymore due to a recent controversy. Armie is being cornered by several social media users as his scandalous messages gets leaked in public domain on Instagram. These allegations are extremely serious and disturbing and taking the social media by a storm.

Is Armie really a cannibal ?

The controversy is going viral revealing that Armie Hammer is actually a cannibal and private chats that include henious acts like rape and cannibalism. The chats are with unknown people who Armie had allegedly messaged weird texts mentioning of performing these acts. All these chats were leaked on Instagram and also posted a video of Armie drinking and driving which is raising speculations about the actors behaviour. Although these texts are not verified and could possibly be fake but nevertheless they are seriously traumatising for users who are calling out Armie to be cancelled.

Armie response to these allegations

Armie was reportedly informed about the huge controversy related to his texts accusing him of being a cannibal.His response was that he does not want to reply to those who are spreading such news and now cannot shoot his movie leave his children due to this controversy. It has been stated that Armie has left the movie shotgun wedding amidst this whole scandal. It has been confirmed that he left this movie project and the production house respects his decision.

JLo is worried about the movie

After this scandal about Armie broke out it seems that Jennifer Lopez is worried about the bad publicity that film will be getting.She also reportedly admitted the film might have to suffer due to this controversy however she has made no official statements regarding to her co-star lead actor Armie hammer leaving the movie.

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