Quicksilver in Wanda vision episode five, is this true or just another crazy rumor? With each new episode the first of the marble studio TV shows has only gained popularity. In fact, the only complaint and seem to have is the weight between episodes. With the new episode airing every Friday there is a week to wait for answers are found. That being said, that doesn’t stop leaks from being found and posted onto the net or rumor of possibilities. The most recent of these being the possibility of Evan peters playing Quicksilver in the next episode. A very interesting question that is not easy to answer.


Wanda vision

The only reason that the character of Quicksilver could be making an appearance in Wanda vision is its nature. Aspen revealed through the course of the series so far, the series revolves around Scarlet witch. Specifically, she has created a pocket reality using her powers or at least is in control of one. In this reality her love vision has survived and is married to her. While it’s unclear to what extent her powers affect this alternate reality, she has created she can control it. This is seen by her resetting it every time things don’t go exactly the way they should.


Quicksilver in Wanda vision


The reason that rumors have started flying through the Internet Quicksilver appearing in Wanda vision is due to meet footage. this footage which shows the actor Evan peters as Quicksilver was reported to be on the show. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the clip was impossible to be certain. Furthermore, it has been removed from any streaming service. Though it does seem to be legitimate as legal action is being pursued against the leaker. That being said Evan peters is scheduled to appear in upcoming episodes of the series. However, the exact nature of the role he will be playing has not been revealed. Furthermore, the question becomes how would he portrayed this role and maintain story continuity. If The story of the series is simply Wanda escaping reality then a Quicksilver that would appear would be her dead brother. Therefore, given the emphasis on alternate realities for the next phase of Marvel Studios projects this Quicksilver may be different. it is quite possible that this character will be from an alternate reality summoned into this. Hopefully, fans will find the answer to this and many other questions on 5 February episode five.

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