Hunter X Hunter is considered one of the best manga series of all time, securing top spot as one of the best Shonen Manga by a landslide. While it is a good series, updates are increasingly inconsistent and unpredictable. It’s been awhile since the last drop, so naturally people are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the series.

How did the last release go?

The last chapter was saw was Chapter 390. It dropped about two years ago in November of 2018. Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the manga, has achieved what few have done and made it one of the longest running series in all of manga history. The anime that is based on it, also claims an immense episode count. The anime and the manga have been acknowledged easily worldwide, and continue to make sales both in merchandise and selling even today, after many other shows would have stagnated to the public.

Hiatus isn’t a new thing for this manga. It first occurred in 2014, when it was postponed for two years until 2016, where it again suffered major hiatus drawbacks in terms of production.

When can we expect Chapter 391?

Because of the last chapter’s title, “Clash: Part 1” that obviously means there will be a part 2. So we can at least rely on the fact that the manga is, in fact, continuing. Many people have debated that HxH will soon end, but at least for now, that isn’t changing.

Hinrigh, Lynch Fullbokko and Zakuro Custard will likely be coming back in this next chapter, because of the previous chapter events. Monera will also more than likely be making an appearance, since they failed to kill her. We’ll get to see them and possibly Hisoka in chapter 391.

When will Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 come out?

Many websites before have claimed that they either know or can accurately predict the next Hunter X Hunter chapter release date. However, as we have seen before, the author is terribly difficult to predict in terms of work-time ratio. As of now, we can’t even say for certain that this chapter will be up this 2021.  Because of his inconsistency, we can only promise one thing: the release date will definitely be inconsistent.


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