Suits season 10, will this happen or is the series over despite the fans hope?

Suits season 10, will this happen or is the series over despite the fans hope? this long-running legal drama has been a fan favorite for many years. Starring a top-notch cast of actors and characters that brought intense drama to life each week. however, after season nine conclusion an announcement made January 2021 shocked all fans of the show. Specifically, the announcement that that would be the final season. What perhaps is more shocking, is the fact that no explanation was given for the show’s cancellation. Additionally, rumors have been spreading across the Internet that the show’s creator is looking for a way to continue it. Naturally, many fans are wondering is this a possibility or as the show truly over?


Suits the show

Suits The show which first aired in 2011 is a legal drama. It centers around a cast of characters who work for a top-notch legal firm. While it focuses on the drama that happens between the various characters there is an underlying primary point. Specifically, one of the characters who serves as a lawyer with the firm never passed the bar exam. Which means, that according to the law he was not legally allowed to represent anyone else is a lawyer. A large amount of the series is devoted to him concealing that fact and what happens when it’s discovered.


reasons and renewal challenge


While no clear reason was given as to why Suits was not renewed by the producing network there are possibilities. One of the primaries being that a large number of the core cast was removed from season nine. There were various reasons for this some of it was locked and others was the fact that actors left. Additionally, at the end of season nine the two primary characters appear to leave the show for specific reasons. with the loss of the two driving characters from series it would have been a tremendous challenge to continue. Another possibility is despite the fact the series is popular it is also quite old. Most networks do not continue series past a certain point for financial or creative reasons. That being said, is there a chance for the series to be renewed? There have been rumors floating around the Internet stating that the series creator and directors wish to bring it back. The greatest challenges to this our first finding a network willing to buy the rights to the show. Which ties into the second challenge. That is, how will the story look without the primary cast returning for a new season? while some serious can survive the loss of one primary cast member most stories can’t stand the loss of five. This is essentially what happened throughout the course of season nine of suits. This means that the chances of a season are very remote unfortunately.

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