Aggretsuko Might Not Return, Here’s Why

Will Aggretsuko Season 4 be coming soon?

Rumors are flying on the internet about the popular Netflix show Aggretsuko. Fans have taken a liking to the little series and are now wondering: where’s Aggretsuko season 4?

Aggretsuko Season 4: While the studio has not confirmed or denied a season 4, the chance is likely. The show reached massive popularity upon release. Additionally, Netflix commonly supports shows when they are in their prime rather than letting stagnate shows continue. Many fans and news sources bank on this fourth season is likely. In the video below, AGGRETSUKO Season 4 Netflix Release Date & Renewal Status Explained !!!, popular media source WW Media explains why this show will most likely live to see its fourth season.

Will there be another season of Aggretsuko? Will Aggretsuko season 4 come out in 2020?

However, while many estimate that another season will exist, many are saying it may not be soon. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the production of more episodes may be continuously delayed. Additionally, the seasons of Aggretsuko have been released within a two season per year gap. The first season aired in 2018. The second aired in 2019, and the third in 2020. Therefore, Aggretsuko Season 4 would not be possible in 2020. However, the next season will be coming, as season 3 didn’t exactly leave the show finished. Additionally, the show has done well, racking up a popularity figure in both America and Japan.

Why is Aggretsuko so relatable?

Aggretsuko is more relatable to Japanese women than American women. Retsuko’s work-life is quite relatable to both demographics. She is often harassed by her co-workers. Her boss is quite literally a sexist pig, and she often works quite late into the evenings. Putting in overtime without much gratitude, Retsuko is immediately relatable to many office workers across the nations. Retsuko struggles to find her motivation to work, even though just five years ago she was eager and excited to be a part of the company. This character model works well in today’s age, where many young adults feel overworked and underpaid. Despite being labeled as a musical comedy made in Japan, this short show depicts what it is like to be a cog in the cooperate machine quite well, quite often. It’s no wonder that fans desperately want to see Aggretsuko season 4 be released officially.

To see more of an in-depth analysis of how Aggretsuko is relatable, read this article: Netflix’s Aggretsuko: Why It’s So Relatable for Women in Japan

Is Aggretsuko kid-friendly?

While Aggretsuko may be animated and take on the appearance of a kid’s show, it is far from this. While the producers of this show may be the same developers of Hello Kitty, this show wouldn’t be good for anyone 12 and under. It contains alcohol and language. While it doesn’t venture too terribly into adult themes, it does sit there enough to be considered not appropriate for kids. Don’t let the cute faces fool you, everyone!

Who does the metal voice in Aggretsuko?

Jamison Boaz is the English dub voice of Retsuko – Death Metal in Aggretsuko, and Rarecho is the Japanese voice. Fans dispute daily over which voice is a better fit for this role, just as fans have always disputed over which is better: subbed anime or dubbed anime. Either way, hopefully, the voice actors won’t be changing for Aggretsuko season 4.

Are Retsuko and Haida dating?

art by @smugkoalas on Instagram

Haida has attempted to remove a relationship fantasy with Retsuko from his mind. However, it has since re-established itself ever since he discovered they were a match on a dating app. He has become convinced that they were destined to be together. However, officially in the story, they are not a dating couple. This has not stopped fans from dreaming, however. Aggretsuko Season 4 rumors to have a romance direction depicted in episodes. Haida has had a long-standing relationship with Retsuko. He has even attempted and failed, to ask her out on dates multiple times over multiple episodes. These attempts have been catastrophic, and funny, failures. However, season’s 3 ending has caused fans to think that maybe Aggretsuko season 4 will hold a relationship between Haida and Retsuko.

With the relationship potential having taken three seasons to reach its current point, Aggretsuko season 4 may hold a focus on the relationship. Will it turn into a good relationship or one that makes Retsuko desire more metal karaoke frustration venting? We have no clue, as there are little actual indicators in season 3.

Is Aggretsuko over or Aggretsuko season 4?

However, Aggretsuko is far from over. Aggretsuko Season 4 is still on the horizon. Japan’s top list of demanded anime series’ holds Aggretsuko season 4 as one of the most wanted returns in the current year. The COVID 19 pandemic put all entertainment industries to a halt. Lots of cliffhangers were made in season 3. Will there be a relationship in this next season? It’s almost ensured that the show will return for another season, with this many cliffhangers in place. All we have to determine is when. As of now, the show is not officially renewed, and we still wait to hear anything from Netflix about Aggretsuko season 4. While the show may not be making a comeback in 2020, we can still hope to see our favorite red panda in a better year: 2021.

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