Will Zack Snyder direct man of steel 2 if it is green lit by the producers?

Will Zack Snyder direct man of steel 2 if it is green lit by the producers? this is a tremendously important question for the franchise and why fans keep asking. There is no denying that Snyder was the perfect director for the DC universe films involving Superman. His early films in the franchise were tremendous successes. In fact, the only reason later films he worked on were mixed in the reception was created difference. Specifically, the producers sought to influence and interfere with his vision for how the film should go. The result was his he is leaving the production team in the nearly complete destruction of his vision. However, once fans found out that his films have been so interfered with, they demanded an original Directors. A demand that the studio has finally bound with the release of the Snyder cut of Justice league.


why Zack Snyder left DC projects


this is a very interesting and important question for the franchise. There is no denying that Zack Snyder has a talent for directing DC universe films. Especially ones that involved either Superman or Batman. His work on previous films was without doubt masterful and gained huge fame and renowned for the fans. That being said some of the later films he worked on received mixed reviews. To be fair, this was not Zack’s fault and was the result of outside. Specifically, the producers decided to interfere with the vision Zack had for the films. This was most evident in the DC film justice league. Eventually the creative differences between producers and director reached a boiling point. At which time Zack left the film project and the producers forced their vision through. While a decent enough film the final product was nowhere near what people were expecting. This led to a major movement called the Snyder cut which called for a director’s version of justice league.


will Zack Snyder direct man of steel 2

if a second man of steel film is planned and filming begins the big question is will Zack Snyder be the director. The answer will depend on how well the directors cut of justice is received. if fans react extremely favorably to the producers will most likely request his return for future films. On the other hand, Zack Snyder may only return to DC projects if the producers agree to minimal interference with his vision. If those conditions are met however, then it is most likely that he will return to directing DC films.

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