Alita battle Angel 2 is this film just wishful thinking or will it happen? this is the question on the minds of fans of the first film since 2019. And one that still does not have almost 2 years later. However, recent interviews with the director show that he is more than willing to do another film. Also, given the fact that this cyberpunk adventure film is based off Japanese manga and amines the second film will have enough sources material. he’s even optimistic as to the nature of how the film will be released to the fans. Of course, he’s not the one that will make the decision, that power is allied with the producers. Or in this case the new producers for the film.


Alita battle Angel


Alita battle Angel 2 would be the sequel to the 2019 film Alita battle Angel. the film in its original source material follows the adventures of an advanced cyborg. The cyborg name is Alita and while she grew up believing she was human sort of there was more to her. some of these questions were answered over the course the film many more were left unknow. for example, what her true origins were other than the fact that she was a formidable battle cyborg. A potential second film would be able to answer more of the on answered questions from the first. While at the same time creating new ones which is the hallmark of a good cyberpunk series.




As with all films there are always challenges to getting a second one off the ground. The obvious one is popularity, will the second be as or more popular the original. put another way, the question becomes our fans desiring new story from the series. Of course in this instance, there are plenty of fans both of the movie and the anime to make that a nonissue. The other issue is distribution, before 2020 the pattern would always go theaters then DVD and streaming services. Now however several sites simply release the material straight to DVD download. Fortunately, in the case of Alita that may not be a problem. as the primary producer of the series has changed. Specifically, Disney now holds the rights to do the second film. this would be an advantage for distributing the movie through a network already designed to handle the load. However, they have not confirmed that a new installment in the franchise’s upcoming. that being said, the producers have yet to confirm a second film. However, as fan the director is concerned the chances are very good that the second one will happen.

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