Apex legends anniversary collection event comes to a close on February 23, 2021.

Apex legends anniversary collection event comes to a close on February 23, 2021. The two week-long events commemorating the two-year anniversary of the apex legends Battle Royale game is ending. this means players that have been enjoying the game’s events have only a limited window to finish it. Specifically, those players who have been seeking to unlock the final achievements are running out of time. This means that their chances to finish the unique challenge of the events are running out. Additionally, the chance to unlock any heirloom of their choice will be gone for only the admins know how long. This means that players who haven’t finished the event challenges have a very long weekend ahead of them.


Apex legends

the Apex legends anniversary collection event is: rating the two years the game has been available. One of the reasons the game is so popular is that it is a Battle Royale. However, it has a very unique story and characters with in-depth personalities and abilities. Adding to this game’s appeal is the fact that it is sets in the same universe as the creator’s other game. Specifically, this game is set in the same universe as Titan fall one and two. While the game lacks many of the features that were so prevalent in the producers first two games it’s still similar. In fact, many would argue that the only feature missing is the Titans. Which some people didn’t like and say that the characters individuals’ special abilities more than make up for.


Apex legends anniversary collection


Apex legends anniversary collection event had a the same set up for the most part as previously events. It also had some major differences not just in his running time. One of these primary differences being the prizes for the events. While previous events maintained the usual 24 cosmetics or as they are also known character reasons. It lacks the standard heirloom accessory that normally commemorates these events. Instead of that players are able to collect heirloom shards which they can use to create the item. Specifically, they can re-create any heirloom item from previous events. Additional bonus is the fact that during the events the price of creating the heirlooms has been dropped by 50%. This means that if players worked hard enough, they could acquire a complete set of all the heirloom items. Additionally, players also had the chance to score special items and points from the unique challenge. Which was to complete a special game challenge using a pre-selected loadout for the character. This event will also be ending in a few days. all this means that players who are very close to acquiring the items they had been longing for need to hurry. Otherwise, who knows how long it will be before the chance to finish their heirloom collection.

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