Superman and Lois what we can expect from episode three of this new superhero series.

Superman and Lois what we can expect from episode three of this new superhero series. This new Superman TV series is generating quite the stir amongst fans. Specifically, it is covering an area of the Superman story that has rarely been seen on television. Most Superman series end before Superman and Lois have children. In fact, many of the series seem to indicate that that would not be possible. The difference with this series is that he is focusing entirely on the family dynamic of the two main characters and their children. The first two episodes have already been incredible and the trailers for the third one suggests that will continue.


Superman and Lois


the premise of this new show is the desire for Superman and Lois to raise their twin sons in smallvill. To that end Superman conceals his powers from his children. All goes well until a mysterious intruder nearly defeats Superman and sent the chain of events in motion. These culminate in episode one with the revealing of the truth of Superman identity to his children. Additionally, in order to remain closer to her family Lois puts her job at the daily planet. Instead she now works as a reporter at the smallvill newspaper. Characters include Capt. Luther a version of Lex Luther another universe. In episode two he revealed that the Superman from his universe destroy the earth. now he plans to destroy the Superman of the world he finds himself in. To that end he attempts to steal the United States stockpile of in order to kill Superman. While this is going on Superman and Lois are trying to explain Superman’s heritage to their children. This is been a continuing theme for the first few episodes.


Episode three


the third episode which is scheduled to air on March 9, 2021 appears to show the situation becoming more intense. At least according to the trailers that was released. It seems to indicate that one of the children is very upset’s situation leading to family tension. further inflaming the tension is the fact that Superman periodically leaves in order to perform his superhero duties. Based on the trailer this is shown by him leaving in the middle of a conversation to stop a bridge from collapsing. Additionally, it also shows that Lois is reconsidering moving to the new town. as they’ve only been there a short time and people are really trying to destroy their lives. it’s also important to note that the series to make a good impression with the fans by the fifth episode. Due to the coronavirus the series will be going on a brief hiatus. The pandemic disrupted the filming of the episodes which is not been overcome in the brief time available. That being said, so far the series seems to be doing very well with fans.

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