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Just at the moment when world thought we can win over  Corona virus, it has just got stronger, Mutated and got many strains for itself. It’s like we have time travelled and got back to the past from where we have started this journey. Fear of losing loved ones, to losing our source of income all came back with this second Wave. Where other countries seemed to be somewhat prepared combating Corona. India’s Struggle is heart wrenching.

As we are facing Second wave of this virus all over the World. In India, conditions are Far more than Worse that this wave has destructed the whole system of the country. Seems like India haven’t really learnt from past mistakes. Because last year this deadly Virus, coping up with lockdown everything was so new for all of us. Therefore no such questions were raised. 

World has witness Oxygen shortage of India, people are losing their Lives just because there is a shortage of bed. So, what went wrong? why India has became  one of the worst hit country in the world? Despite of being one of the largest PPE Kit manufacturer and exporter of Covid Vaccine in the world why people are dying on the street ? Let’s find out, why.

Government is Not Taking systematic decisions:

India’s Worsen Covid Condition : Now whom to blame?

So, let’s Just rewind our Memory one year back on 24th of March PM Modi has announced Nationwide lockdown for 3 weeks. That decision seemed so rush that citizen’s of the country don’t know what to do anymore. Thousands of migrant workers lined up on railway station and bus stop just to go back to their hometown. Major reason was most of the workers are daily wage labourers, if they don’t earn for a day they might not get proper food next day.

This decision was taken to stop Corona virus. But this could be more systematic where Government should have given time to the people. Because as far as we know Gathering Thousands of workers only have increased contamination and that to without mask.

However, several aids to such citizens were provided and many helped as well. But Rushed decision of the Government seems to go all their efforts in vain.

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Vaccine Shortage :

Corona virus, it has just got stronger, Mutated and got many strains for itself.

We thought once we get vaccination of  Corona everything will be as good as world without Corona. India has Exported Vaccines to the Nation having worst cases. And definitely PM Modi got praised for the same as well. But did you know due to Vaccine shortage many Vaccination centres are being closed for time being in India?

These exporting decision should be calculated well by the Government. As India has 1.3 billions of population, isn’t first goal of the Government should be vaccinating its citizen first? Now, having No immunity, and shortage of vaccine India is suffering from Corona.

Poor Health infrastructure  :

There is ongoing Oxygen Shortage in India. As per Reports doctors are using 1 oxygen Cylinder to provide oxygen to 4-5 patient. But this is not the only Shortage India is facing Right now. Shortage of Bed in hospitals having no proper medications is another thing. Even Crematoriums are short of spots.

But when past Year, India has faced many difficulties Better construction of Hospitals and facilities related to it should be done on time to avoid such Covid Nightmares that India is facing today.

India has done well in the starting, precautions were taken like not accepting Visas and all. But building Proper systematic Environment was Far more than Necessary to halt Covid. Because cases coming were low in numbers but not halted completely. It seems like PM had celebrated early victory without reaching the goal.

Now condition in India is cases tallying around 300k having 5000 deaths daily. Which clearly shows How Government’s Policy Making Tactics are failed to stop Second wave in India. Some states in India like Maharashtra is now under complete lockdown once again. And spread of the virus seems to be decreasing.  These shows How necessary it is to take precautions and to not lift up bans till this virus comes in complete control. But with Full guidelines and help.

What other Corona Precaution should Government impose to stop This deadly virus? Tell us in comments!

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