Zoom’s Amazing Immersive View Feature Now Lets You Put Up To 25 People Inside One Virtual Background

Zoom’s Immersive View puts up to 25 people inside one virtual background

Since last year we haven’t been so out and about. Work from Home and study from home culture is in total rage these days. All to blame it on the Covid-19 pandemic. So, one word we heard quite a lot these days is Virtual meetings, classes, and even celebrations have become virtual. So Applications like Google Meet, zoom have been enhancing their features since then. And one such feature was added recently by Zoom called Immersive View. Let’s find out more about this newly added feature.

What is the zoom immersive feature?

Zoom immersive feature announced last year at the Zoomtopia conference, now it is actually available. So, what new feature zoom came up with this time to enhance its user’s experience let’s take a look.

Your assembly contributors or webinar hosts will now be located withinside the equal digital heritage and could seem that manner on each contributor’s screen. Hosts also can pass contributors round in a scene and resize their image. until they may be the usage of an older model of Zoom, wherein case they’ll see contributors in both Gallery or Speaker View with a black heritage.

 Zooms Immersive View feature, lets in assembly and webinar hosts to area up to twenty-five contributors in a single assembly space, Zooms Immersive View is just like Microsoft Teams Together Mode.

Immersive View builds at the digital heritage capabilities Zoom already has, however makes a specialty of
truly putting assembly attendees in a realistic-searching location, in place of simply switching out a flat heritage. Zoom will routinely area attendees in a number of integrated digital scenes like a board room or auditorium, or the assembly host can manually select areas for them themselves.

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Limitations of Zoom immersive view :

As per our knowledge, the biggest drawback we can think of can be For calls large than 25 people, the final contributors will hang out in a strip of video thumbnails on the pinnacle of the scene. Also, for anybody now no longer jogging the modern model of Zoom on laptop or mobile, the heritage will default to anything putting it became on earlier than

Immersive View became on.
However, as per Zoom, the feature can evoke the feeling of being in a lecture room or boardroom, with absolutely everyone prepared in front of the equal backdrop.

Merits of Immersive view feature if zoom :

  • This function will really offer miles much less distracting setup in evaluation with the same old gallery view, through converting the grid layout for a shared heritage that places contributors next to at least one another.
  • Within the case of a webinar, attendees can view the hosts and contributors in the scene. Recordings, withinside the meantime, will at gift really revert to the gallery or speaker view layout, counting on which changed into, to begin with, the set.

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