As Sony claims that “God of War” has not yet appeared on TV shows/movies, a new unknown movie has been revealed:

Sony has denied the latest rumors about the development of the “God of War” movie or TV adaptation. Game franchise rights for large and small screens, including “Uncharted”, “The Last of Us” and “The Ghost of Tsushima”. These plans have sparked fan speculation that other objects might turn into movies, and “God of War” is a popular choice. The image is part of a report by The New York Times about Hollywood’s trend toward video game-based movies. Sony is making a huge effort and recently opened a new department called PlayStation Productions, which is responsible for overseeing all of Sony’s efforts in promoting its games. Franchising rights in movies and TV shows. In the picture, Holland is shining a serious face with a flashlight. Wahlberg followed him and appeared with the expression he and Holland had seen. important things. You are standing in a church that could have been. They may be looking for artifacts. Due to COVID-19 and other reasons, the “Uncharted” movie is scheduled to be released in February 2022 and has been delayed numerous times before.

After being released in theaters, “Uncharted” will meet with Netflix under an exclusive deal between Sony and the broadcaster. Game fans are happy that some quality adjustments have finally appeared. Video feature films have historically (correctly) been criticized by critics and the public, but this trend has gradually reversed in recent years.

Movies like Pikachu and similar shows are in the animated Netflix Castlevania. Sony has many great franchises, which can be interesting on the big screen. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what the next project looks like. However, the god of war will have to wait. Sony went to great lengths and recently opened a new division called PlayStation Productions to oversee all efforts by Sony to transform its gaming franchise into movies and TV shows.

New Uncharted Movie Image Revealed As Sony Says God Of War Not Getting TV Show/Movie Yet. What do you think?

Kyzylbash told the New York Times that the company has three main goals: “Increase the number of game viewers. Bring the product to Sony Pictures. Show cooperation. Gyzylbash said: “It’s very risky.” “But I think we can do it. If you are still not sure if Sony is trying to customize its own video game series, then the studio even launched its own Sony Pictures. CEO Tony Vincikerra also announced that Sony Pictures is actively developing a total of 7 TV shows and 3 movies based on PlayStation attributes. However, today we know that God of War is definitely not one of them.

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