Delhi Twitter Office Receives A Police Visit After Putting Notice On Ruling Party Tweets

Reports from India: After the ruling party posted a notice on Twitter, the police visited the Delhi Twitter office

The Delhi Police Special Unit contacted the Twitter offices in Delhi and Gurgaon, India on Monday, and sent them a notice. It is possible to negotiate “by e-mail and post, or even with different police officers”, but the special team believes that it is appropriate to visit them individually. But why should they visit you? On Monday night, Twitter launched a rally to label the tweets of BJP’s top spokesperson Sambit Patra as “manipulative media.”

The tweet sent from Patras on May 18 was a “toolbox” created by parties competing with the Indian National Party (BJP), which allegedly led to Modi’s mismanagement of Covid. The government is in power.

Monday’s move marked the latest in a series of escalating tensions between the social media giant and India’s ruling party, with the government repeatedly urging Twitter to delete posts criticizing them.

Competitors subsequently complained on Twitter about a distributed “toolbox” error, leading Twitter to take action on its decision. Since Twitter turned things around earlier this year, tensions between the Indian government and the American social media giants have been high. At the request of the authorities, multiple accounts that violated New Delhi’s new agricultural laws were suspended.

The police said it is important for the public to clarify “biased remarks.” Patra said in a tweet that India’s main opposition Congress is using the so-called “toolbox” to thwart the Indian government’s efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic.Alt News, India’s main fact-checking agency, denied Patra’s claims.

Delhi police accused Twitter of “creating fear” through “defective and unreasonable” efforts. The Delhi police also stated that they have received complaints about classification. From a tweet from Patra, she said that she was investigating and visiting the office to introduce the investigation to the director of Twitter India.

The police said in a statement that Twitter India’s CEO’s response to the matter was “very complicated”.

New Delhi warned the two companies that “violating TI rules may result in loss of intermediary status and protection. Today’s incident is the latest issue faced by an American company struggling to maintain peace with the Indian government.” After briefly following New Delhi’s orders earlier this year,The company was criticized by the government for restoring its Twitter-critical accounts published in India. “The policy of the government or Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the other hand India has given Twitter time frame to amend its privacy policy as well. It will be interesting to watch, what will be Twitter’s next move after this Raid.

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