On Tuesday, Wendy’s stocks boost the stock by 19 percentage after a Reddit post and became the first fast-food meme stock. It explains about the fast food and tells why it is “literally the perfect stock for this sub.”

Reddit’s post always affects the stock price as we have examples this year of rallies in both GameStop and movie theater – AMC Entertainment.

In the case of Wendy’s Reddit post which was published yesterday. Reddit users gave 4 reasons why the stock is good for the WallStreetBets forum. and the post reaches 1000 upvotes on Tuesday morning only. Memes Stock are used to pushing the stock value by internet forums or through social media, Reddit forum helps to pushes many stocks like tesla.

In the past time, we have seen some great increase in the stock of ‘GamesStop’ from $20 a share to more than $300 in some weeks in January. No one can imagine that their game may get over the internet so rapidly.

The meme stock discovers that wendy’s was ranked sixth with top tickers on the forum, and before that, it was ranked as 22 on that tracking site Yolostocks.


One of the users also said that “it is the perfect stock” for its salad, chicken tenders, and the presence of social media. Wendy’s stock gets a hike of 30% in pre-market. and in social media the profile of wendy’s is quite known to all the memes.”Roast me ” has been seen by everyone by wendy’s which makes it more effective in front of the eyes of the young generation.

Here is the link to Twitter which gets really famous about the “roast me ” with its relationship in Twitter with GameStop.

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