Trese to debut on Netflix as TRESE Volume 1: Murder on Balete Drive TP has sold out at Diamond

Trese is a black-and-white Filipino horror/crime comic authored by Budjette Tan and portrayed by Kajo Baldisimo that has won several awards. It features Alexandra Trese, an investigator who investigates cases including supernatural elements. 1st Since its first publication in 2005, the series was therefore re-released numerous times and it has earned and been shortlisted for numerous awards.

Trese is Netflix’s first Filipino anime series, that will debut in June 2021 on the Netflix streaming platform. The heavily promoted thriller animated series seems to be in the pipeline awful for a long time and is among the year’s most eagerly awaited animation releases.

When is the first series of Trese going to be released on Netflix?

Trese’s 1st series will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 11th, 2021, as recently announced. The animation will be accessible to view on Netflix across the world. Trese’s debut season will be rather brief, with just six episodes planned for broadcast. The series duration for each episode remains unknown, however, it has been predicted that every episode to be somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes in length.

Expected volumes to be covered in the first season of Trese.

Trese’s primary series consists of 7 volumes in total. Alexandra Trese works on 13 cases throughout the first three novels of the sequence. It’s quite probable that Trese’s first season will focus on the events from the first six cases in the storyline, which would cover the full of volume 1 and two cases from book 2.


Trese features Alexandra Trese, a fascinating investigator who interacts with strange murders mostly in the Philippines’ national area and mixes Philippine horror legend with mysterious, visualization narrative. Alexandra is frequently contacted by Captain Guerrero, who likes to rely on her expertise and specialist capabilities when the cops are unable to tackle paranormal crimes, due to her specialty in the supernatural. Alexandra is assisted by two strange and mystical beings called the Kambal, who together guard the roads of Manila from a variety of Filipina mythological animals. Trese’s history is portrayed in Volume 3 when, at the age of 15, she accompanies her dad Anton on her first investigation.


  • The National Book Award for Best Graphic Literature went to Trese: Mass Murders in 2010.
  • Trese: Last Seen After Midnight was nominated for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Award for Comics/Graphic Novels in 2012.
  • The Filipino Readers’ Choice Award for Comics/Graphic Novels 2013 went to Trese: Midnight Tribunal.
  • Trese: Stories from the Diabolical received a nomination for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Award for Fictional Anthology 2014.
  • Manila Noir, which included Trese: Thirteen Stations, won the National Book Award for Best Anthology in English 2014.
  • Trese: High Tide at Midnight received a National Book Award nomination for Graphic Literature in English in 2015.


Trese Cast

  • Shay Mitchell is played by Alexandra Trese
  • The Kambal/Bantay is played by Griffin Puatu.
  • Captain Guerrero/Dominic is played by Matt Yang King.
  • Datu Talagbusao/Ibwa Steve Blum
  • Antonio Trese/Santelmo is played by Carlos Alazraqui.
  • Hank/Xa-Mul is played by Jon Jon Briones.
  • Nuno the Snitch/Bagyon Lektro is played by Eric Bauza.
  • Mayor Sancho Santamaria is played by Lou Diamond Phillips.
  • Bagyon Kulimlim is played by Dante Basco.


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