Love, Victor Season 3 Release Date Confirmation, Cast, All Latest Updates you need to know

Love, Victor produced by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger is an American youth comedian broadcast series, based on the movie Love, Simon that was released in 2018. Hulu debuted the series on June 17, 2020. Aptaker and Berger collaborate as filmmakers for 20th Television, which broadcasts the drama.

The main story in the first Season revolves around Victor who is a student at Creekwood High School. The drama features Victor who is set to discover himself, which includes the difficulties that he faces at home and the major challenges with his sexual preference. When exploring high school becomes too tough for him, he reached out to Simon for guidance. The second season revolves around the new environment that Victor explores around with his mates.

However, there is a lot of unresolved mystery except for Victor’s love triangle.  The journey of how Andrew will search his mother. Pilar who is Victor’s sister is in a relationship with Felix who is Victor’s best friend. Lake who is Felix’s ex-girlfriend may be bisexual. The series needs to resolve all these mystery.

The second season of Love, Victor continued where the first left off, focusing on Victor’s loving relationship with Benji as well as his rocky connection with his Christian (and rather homophobic) family members. And, although viewers received plenty of Victor and Benji love, we also got a glimpse inside the couple’s hardships as queers, 16-year-olds, and first-time lovers.

We’re guessing Victor’s difficulties were too much for him, leaving him torn between his first love and his current crush, causing him emotional torment. Victor informs Simon at the end of the series that he can manage the next phase of his tale on his own. Viewers may be saddened that Simon will not return, but co-showrunner Brian Tanen assures them that the Love, Simon characters will not be forgotten just yet.

Is there a possibility for the third season of ‘Love, Victor’?

After Season 2 ended with a lot of twists and turns for each leads in the series, fans are waiting for  Love, Victor Season 3. While leaving so many unresolved plotlines in Season two signals a possibility of season three.

However, there hasn’t been any announcement of a Season 3 yet. The second season was announced two months after the premiere of the first season of Love, Victor, thus any news on a second season will most likely come later this summer. However, given how Season 2 finished, it would be a tremendous disappointment if the plot didn’t have a chance to wrap up with at least one more season.




Originally released



June 17, 2020



June 11, 2021

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