North Korea’s Kim Jong-un fears a possible food crisis due to struggling economy and various other reasons

In North Korea, The condition is becoming critical day by day as there are many problems which North Korea are facing,i.e, major flood damage, pandemic shutdowns, and ongoing sanctions. After all that North Korea is now also facing food crises. They are facing the worst economic crisis in its 73 years history with the shortage of food and medical facilities.

This food crisis is not only because of the struggling economy but there are some different reasons too for this crisis as North Korea has Lower agriculture output because of the crop failure of last summer as the strong typhoons hit and which spoil the crop.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un said that “The agricultural sector failed to fulfill its grain production plan,”. According to some reports in May, North Korea will face approximately 1.35 million tons of food shortage. The main aim of North Korea is now to control the economy and also take care of the corona patient and control the corona in North Korea.

The goods to sell in different counties had already been banned due to U.S.-led sanctions that were tightened from 2016 to 2017. A total of 2.8 billion annual trade was done between North Korea and Chine just before the lockdown.

The main reason for the economic crisis in North Korea is-

  • The crop failure of last summer as the strong typhoons hits.
  • The flood also destroys the crops.
  • The pandemic situation drops down the economy of the country because of the lockdown.

So at last North Korea’s Kim Jong-un fears and asks for help as they are getting starved as in North Korea, there are not less food availability in the country. North Korea views the coronavirus situation which makes North Korea stretching toward a shortage of food and medical facilities. But it may be possible after seeing such a shortage of food, Kim Jones may focus on the agriculture sector to increase production.


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