Korn Bassist Reginald “Fieldy” announced his hiatus from their metal giant band

About Korn Band-

Korn is an American rock nu metal from Bakersfield, California which was established in 1993. This band is basically famous because it comes with nu-metal into the mainstream.
Originally, it was founded by three members of the band, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu as bass, Brian “Head” Welch as lead guitar, backing vocals, James “Munky” Shaffer as rhythm guitar, and Jonathan Davis as lead vocals, bagpipes.

The demo tape of Korn was made up in 1993 which was sent free to the record company. The debut album of Korn was released in 1994, followed by ‘Life in Peachy’ in the year 1996.

Recent News about the announcement by Fieldy-

Fieldy was one of the founders of  Korn. He is a bassist in the Korn band. He recently released a statement on Facebook that he wanted to hiatus from the Korn band for some time. The reason he says is that he has been into some personal bad habits for the past six years and now he understand and want to work on the issue. He said that he has to wait for some time. It will be the first time that the Korn Band will perform without Fieldy, it was around 28 years as Fieldy is also one of the founder members of the band Korn. It is still not decided that who will take place of Fieldy in the Korn band.

Fieldy states that –

To all the fans of Korn worldwide,

I was having some personal issues that push me to do some bad habits, I have to take some time to overcome that, and has caused tension with the people around me. So I thought to take some time off just to heal myself. Unfortunately, You will not see me on the stage for some time with my band. I am focussing on getting out bad this out from my own system to be in peace and health.

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