Introduction About the Vinland Saga:

Vinland Saga is made in Japanese which is a style of Japanese comic book or novel which mainly focuses on the adult age group as well as the children also. Vinland Saga is a series which was made by the Japanese author who mainly writes manga novels named Makoto Yukimura which was published by the Kodansha and it was firstly printed in the Shonen Magazine which mainly targeted the youth and it was published on a weekly basis and the main aim was to mainly pick the maximum number of people and this magazine focusses on children as well as the adults which take over the maximum market. Vinland Saga is also published in English and got licensed also by Kodansha USA.

Season 1 comes was launched between 7 July 2019 to 29 December 2019, which has 24 episodes in Japan. After release, the series get very famous because of the plot of the series which make a huge fan following between the people and make it huge and people watch it with high interest and now, the scenario is like all the fans are waiting for the Vinland Saga Season 2 very desperately.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date-

There is no such date out as such which says about the releasing date of the Vinland season 2. As the Vinland Saga was very famous after the first season and the fans were eagerly waiting for the next season and as the director, Shuuhei Yabuta knows all that. Shuuhei Yabuta mocks the fans as they are waiting so Shuuhei Yabuta posted a twit on Twitter to increase the fan’s emotions. Shuuhei Yabuta twitted the sketches of the three characters of the series Vinland saga which are Thorfinn, Canute, and Askeladd. In that post, Yabuta said that “there is a small eastern egg” and said to their fans that to figure out what does it means. And also we saw a Nordic rune, below every sketch which means “SEA SON TWO”. But when everyone was focusing on the Nordic runes and try to get it out or figuring out, what it actually means then Shuuhei Yabuta wrote on Twitter that it doesn’t have any specific deeper meaning. and in the sketches, it was also written in Japanese text that the characters in the sketch were complaining about the Vinland season 2 delay, and then Canute reply, “It’s soon… I guess” when someone asks about when it will going to be released. But in march 2021, Abiru Takahiko who was the series character designer twitted that he was working for the vintage saga season 2 which shows the production of the series started and it shows that season 2 of Vinland saga will be out in late 2020 or in 2021.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Plot-

The story starts in northern Europe in the 11th century AD from a War. A Boy named Thorfinn who was an Icelandic Boy takes part in the company of Viking and Military Commander Askeladd when he gets to know that the latter killed his father. Thorfinn always challenges Askeladd and losses every time. The overall view is that the Vinland is mainly Emotional, heartbreaking, and taking revenge, and having a relationship.

Vintage Saga Cast –

In season 1 of the Vinland saga, we saw some amazing and unbelievable characters who have a very different style of fighting. We can say that every fighter has unique abilities and which makes everyone out of the box.

Thorfinn– The main character of Vinland Saga is Thorfinn. He swears after the dead thor and after that, he lives a new life and named himself Viking.
Thors– Thors is the father of Thorfinn. Thors has the least weightage in season 1.
Floki– He is the commander of the Jomsviking.
Leif Ericson– he was the best friend of thors and after this dead he wants Thorfinn to take revenge of thors dead.
Thorkell– He was the Gargantous man who only loves to fight and lives for fighting.
Canute– The son of King Sweyn. The weakest character in the whole series of Vinland saga.
Willibald -The Priest
Jabbathe -A great military commander
Askeladd– leader of a group of Vikings
Ragnar – Guardian of Prince Canute

All the fans are waiting for the next season and after the news that season 2 making has been started so they are excited about the season, plot, and caste.

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