Liz Hurley shared her Anger as her Son Damian, 19, has been Cut Out of Steve Bing’s £180million Will

An American actor, supermodel, and entrepreneur born on 10th June 1965 is very famous for her movie appearances International Man of Mystery and Devil in Bedazzled. Hurley debuted in the E! original series The Royals in 2015.

It is believed that Damian who is Hurley’s son will not get even a penny following the death of his father Steve Bing who was a multimillionaire. Bing had property and business worth £600 million but in June 2020 he was found dead in California outside an eye-capturing apartment building.

Liz Hurley shared her anger as her son Damian, 19, has been cut out of Steve Bing's £180million will

Denied Parenting for Damian

Hurley and Steve have been dating each other since 2001. On April 4, 2002, they welcomed a boy called Damian into the world. In 2021, Steve, a well-known businessman, denied being Damian’s father, stating that he and Hurley were not in a serious relationship, which he referred to as a “non-exclusive relationship.”Following Hurley’s filing of a lawsuit, DNA samples were obtained, and the test revealed that Damian is his son. Kara, Damian’s 21-year-old sister, is the daughter of Bing and Lisa, a former tennis player. Steve is said to have left them very little in his will.

The Millian Dollar trust

Dr. Pter Bing, Bing’s rich father, established the £200 million “grandchildren trust” for his grandkids even before they were born, and it is thought that the trust will be owned by Bing’s offspring. However, because they were born outside of marriage, Dr. Peter came before the court to have them removed from the trust. A court ruled in his favor in 2019, according to the Daily Mail, but he disputed and appealed the judgment last year. Hurley was outraged and saddened to hear that her son, Damian, had been denied access to his family’s wealth at his grandfather’s request.

Liz Hurley shared her anger as her son Damian, 19, has been cut out of Steve Bing's £180million

Steve had successfully beaten his father in court to oppose Leo’s attempt for excluding all of his children from family trust money – only for Peter to invalidate the judgment on his behalf a year after Steve’s death. According to the Daily Mail, Elizabeth and Damian felt “betrayed” by the decision. Liz Hurley has been shocked and heartbroken by Damian’s betrayal, not only because he has been denied a share worth up to $250 million (about £180 million), but also because he has been successfully shunned by his father’s family.

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