Bea Alonzo shares Instagram post with her rumored boyfriend Dominic Roque making their relationship Instagram official

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque are allegedly dating

Bea Alonzo shared a picture on Instagram of herself and Dominic Roque enjoying a break at Yosemite National Park in California on July 24, Saturday. Dominic was tagged in the shot, and Bea captioned it with a heart emoji.

Christiana Collings, a fashion designer and a friend of Dominic, commented:

‘You guys radiate the best vibes. All love. Thank you for sharing with us.’

Bea shared a video of the group preparing for their trip on her Instagram Stories, and she didn’t conceal the fact that Dominic was with them.

The couple’s history


Dominic uploaded a video of himself celebrating his 31st birthday with Bea, with several friends and family members, on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Dominic recently celebrated his birthday by posting an Instagram Story of him and Bea cuddling together by a fire pit.

Since the beginning of July, the pair had been in California. On the internet, Bea and Dominic got closer and closer. In one of her posts, the talented actress even left a subtle “I love you” to Dominic Roque.

Her followers are well aware that Bea has been in California for over two weeks now. On July 10, she began uploading photographs from her vacation. Following the news of her move to GMA Network, Bea stated that she will be taking a break in the United States before returning to work.

Bea and Dominic have been reported to be dating for a long time because they frequently share photos of themselves seeming to be in the same area at the same time.

Are they official?

Cybernauts also saw the two during the baby shower of Dominic’s tita, Filipina actress Beth Tamayo, who is currently residing in San Francisco. Beth’s friends shared photos and videos from the event, including a group photo with Bea and Dominic and a video of the two playing a fun parlor game.

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque have clearly been spending a lot of time together in the United States, but they have to make an official declaration on whether they are more than friends or not. However, the rumors surrounding their relationship are more than mere speculations and they are based upon evidence from their Instagram posts.

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