Sky Broadband UK DOWN: Users unable to access some Specific Websites

Thousands of people unable to access important websites

Clients of UK ISP Sky Broadband (Comcast) are having trouble accessing any of the websites hosted by big internet hosting business Ionos which includes a slew of servers (e.g. ISPA UK). A routing, peering, or DNS issue appears to be the root of the problem.

This morning, an unexplained issue has caused significant problems for Sky Broadband, with hundreds of users unable to access the internet. However, it looks that this is merely the beginning of the internet provider’s troubles this morning.

Clients are also claiming that they are unable to access hundreds of websites, notably banking applications, government and university websites, and secure work VPNs, even if they can get online. Both Sky broadband and mobile data users appear to be affected by the issue.

Because NOW, previously NOW TV, is owned and managed by Sky, its broadband users are facing the same difficulties. Numerous mobile and online banking apps, such as HSBC, TSB, Danske Bank, and First Direct, are impacted.

Problems have also been confirmed with SquareSpace (which hosts thousands of small business websites) and FastHosts, as well as a number of universities, including the University of Birmingham, Arts University Bournemouth, and the University of Leicester, pharmacy provider PharmaDoctor, and the Shropshire Council.

The public is raging

Countless Twitter users are expressing dissatisfaction with their inability to access secure servers for business or school. Hundreds of small companies have been left without a functioning website in the meantime. Despite the fact that it is creating considerable havoc, the problem seems to be limited to Ionos, a large internet hosting company.

Ionos hosts a very large number of UK websites, including SquareSpace, a website hosting provider, and many banking apps. On its website this morning, the business acknowledged the claims, saying that customers on the Sky network are unable to access Ionos websites, according to sources.

Further research has revealed that the problem is with the Internet Service Provider, and hence out of their hands. Clients who are unable to access Ionos-hosted websites are advised to contact their Internet service provider (ISP).

The business has also acknowledged that its broadband service is having issues. It added in a post to its status page, which informs consumers of scheduled outages or problems with their services, saying that technical difficulties are now affecting online banking services.

They are looking into the situation right now. Hundreds of HSBC, TSB, and First Direct users are presently unable to connect to their mobile or online banking apps, according to the confirmation of problems. Meanwhile, it looks that the only solution is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Other internet providers are thus far unaffected by the situation.

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