Eric Stonestreet Engaged to his Pediatric Nurse Girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer

Stonestreet and Schweitzer are officially engaged!


Eric Stonestreet, who portrayed Cameron ‘Cam’ Tucker, is currently planning his wedding. Using social media, the ‘Modern Family’ actor revealed his engagement to longterm girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer. On August 22, Eric Stonestreet, aged 49, made official his engagement to his girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer. Schweitzer is a nurse that works with children. Stonestreet is one of the celebrity hosts for the event.

The pair met at Big Slick Kansas City, a yearly fundraising event for private children’s health charity Children’s Mercy, in their shared hometown of Kansas City, Kansas. The Emmy Award-winning celebrity revealed the news via social media, notably Twitter, where he posted images of himself and his now-fiancée holding up her left hand and pointing to her engagement ring. The ‘Modern Family’ actor posted on Twitter:

 She said, ‘She’d have her people call my people’.

A generous couple

Since 2016, Stonestreet and Schweitzer have been dating. After a 2017 appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’, he made the first public statement related to their relationship. DeGeneres complimented Stonestreet on his relationship. Ellen said she had met his girlfriend backstage. Pointing out that she’s a nurse, DeGeneres jokingly said that this is a wonderful thing, since Stonestreet is a hypochondriac.

Eric replied that he is a big baby too, adding that Lindsay soothes him, and his anxieties are soothed by her presence, admitting that he is a high-strung individual. Despite the fact that they have been together for a long time, Schweitzer has mainly avoided being in the public’s attention. Furthermore, according to a tweet Stonestreet sent about the same time, the pair appears to be involved in the Kansas City community.

Stonestreet stated in an Instagram post from March 2020 that Schweitzer was educating her boys at home and that he would become a stepfather after the pair married. He wrote a touching post on Twitter, in which he encourages people to get involved in the community and to donate to those in need. Their altruistic actions will definitely motivate a lot of people from their hometown and beyond.

He tweeted that he is donating 200,000 meals to @HarvestersORG in Kansas City. Lindsay and the actor adore their hometown and want to do everything they can to help. The actor claims he is simply sharing this to perhaps inspire people to do what they can, when they can, if they can, to assist vulnerable families in the community at this difficult time.

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