Ten-year-old Filipino Peter Rosalita eliminated from ‘America’s got talent’ at the semifinal round

Peter Rosalita missed the song’s intro

Anyone would be scared about singing on America’s greatest talent show, but 10-year-old Peter Rosalita proved that he is not one to be frightened. After being eliminated in the semifinal round tonight, ten-year-old Filipino musician Peter Rosalita ended his adventure on ‘America’s Got Talent’. Rosalita came to the stage to sing a cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘Without You’ at NBC’s America’s Got Talent semi-finals on Tuesday night, but he experienced a little hiccup as the song started.

Due to the crowd loudness, Peter Rosalita appeared to be unable to hear the opening notes. Rather than becoming upset, the young vocalist calmly requested a restart. He asked them whether they could kindly repeat that. Following that, he smiled confidently at the crowd, demonstrating his command of the situation, asking them to accept his apologies.

Rosalita maintained his self-assurance during his performance, resuming his song and hitting each note. Following his performance, the judges awarded him a standing ovation, applauding his professionalism and talent. Simon Cowell praised him for maintaining self-control despite missing the intro, saying to the young boy ‘Good for you’.

The judges were impressed

Heidi Klum said that his voice is as strong as it is endearing. He is so young, and she would have rushed off the stage if she had a glitch at the start, but he managed to pull it together. Peter started all over again, and he sounded incredible. What occurred at the start was incredible because it demonstrated to Sofia Vergara Peter Rosalita’s mastery of the stage. He didn’t skip a beat. Sofia Vergara said that the boy understood what he needed to do, and ‘here you are’.

While the power ballad is one of the most challenging songs to play, Rosalita has shown that he isn’t afraid of big songs, having previously nailed versions of Celine Dion’s ‘Without You’ and Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ during earlier rounds of auditions. Overall, his performance was outstanding and he impressed even the most pretentious judges.

Gina Brillon, Aidan Bryant, Dustin Tavella, Jimmie Herrod, and World Taekwondo are the five participants who have advanced to the finals. Despite the glitches, the America’s got talent judges praised Peter’s performance. Peter Rosalita was described by Howie Mandel as a real professional at the competition.

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