Sharon Osbourne has shared details as how she and Ozzy used to beat each other

As we all know that Ozzy and Osbourne are for around more than 4o years. They are living a happy married life since then. But when we talk about a relationship there can also be conflicts, fights, challenges, and controversies that take place from time to time as they are a reality of a married couple these days.

Sharon Osbourne has shared details as how she and Ozzy used to beat each other1

Sharon in a discussion recalled the past incidents of the relationship. he continued stating that after his marriage with Ozzy, they both used to beat each other in fights. The beautiful couple is set to take their relationship to film next year for which they are working on the biopic of their romance.

Ozzy and Sharon Upcoming Movie

In an interview with Mail TV Sharon shares the detail about their upcoming movie. In which he told that the movie is about the life of her wife Ozzy and him. Explaining that how they both came to know each other, how it started in the early days, and then ending up in a volatile relationship that resulted in the marriage. Not an ordinary marriage but a marriage that is successful through the period of 4 decades. facing the thick and thins in the relationship. These difficult times had fights, makeups, breaks, patch-ups but after all, it’s a love story.

Sharon Osbourne has shared details as how she and Ozzy used to beat each other1

He also told the channel that when people will watch the movie they will certainly consider Ozzy and his relationship disturbing which isn’t something usual. But the best part of the movie is that it is based on a true story that is their relationship and married life. Now, this isn’t allowed but she explained that they will only share the truth. It is a possibility that a couple has a volatile relationship and so do they.

Sharon and Ozzy Children

She also discussed her children that an Aimee, Kelly, and Jack with ages numbers 38, 36, 35 respectively. She said that at one point in time we use to beat each other very bad and that was around 20 years ago. but she was satisfied with her relationship and stated that they both had a good run.

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