North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might have received a message from Queen Elizabeth II

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Received Message – CNN Report

CNN recently report that her execellency Queen Elizabeth congradualated the North Korean people on the occassion of their independence day as per the reports. In an interview with CNN a Spokes person from buckingham palace.

This message was conveyed by the United kingdom’s authorities that are Common Wealth and Development Office.

Now this is trend is not something new. Its a very common practice regarding the nations that they congratulate each other on such occassions. which helps in making good relations geographically between the nations.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might have received a message from Queen Elizabeth II

Korean Media Reports The Message From UK Office

After this the message conveyed by British officials, it was also report by the North Korean media. Specifically KCNA aired the message on last monday. They reported that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korean President Kim Jong Un received a  very positive message of congratulations from her majesty Queen Elizabeth II . Who is the current queen of the Great Britain United Kingdom and North Ireland on 7th of September.

The exact message from the Buckingham palace stated “As the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea celebrate their National Day, I send my good wishes for the future.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might have received a message from Queen Elizabeth II

Covid Restrictions Imposed By North Korea

No as we mentioned above that its a normal practice but the question is what makes the difference. Well the agressive behaviour of North Korean towards the entire world severed all the ties with the entire outside world in 2020 which was to save their people from the outside world bringing in the Covid 19 disease. So talking about the Covid 19 its very exciting to say that the country has a single Covid 19 cases or not because there are no indications neither there was any cas reported officially. Making it more clear controvercial that the experts from the state of Pyongyang are doubtful, if the country has not seen even a single covid 19 case.

This resulted in all the foreign diplomats and other aid workers left the diplomatic state of North Korea because of the shortage of food and other daily life goods. Also the state imposed many other daily life restrictions due which foreigners were tempt to leave the country.

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