Spotify is Expanding its In-House Podcasting Strategy with the Debut of two more Podcasts

Spotify has added two new Episodes to its In-House Podcast lineup, both focusing on Artists and Creators.

Spotify opted to embrace podcasts as part of its bigger communications strategy last year when it launched “Spotify: For the Record,” a behind-the-scenes podcast that features interviews with Spotify executives, staff, and industry experts about music, tech, and podcasting. The company is expanding its in-house podcasting strategy today with the launch of two new communications-related podcasts aimed towards certain industries, such as creators, entertainment, consumer trends and lifestyle aficionados, and the business and financial community.


The new shows will debut throughout October, with “Spotify: Discover This” being the first to premiere on October 14. This podcast will contain a mix of music, podcasting, cultural moments, and trends, as well as reflections on “music, podcasting, cultural moments, and trends.” The first episode will go into the evolution of country music and feature new performers. “Spotify: Mic Check,” the other new show, will premiere on October 19.

Spotify has been attempting to embrace the podcast creator community with its acquisition of podcast-related companies over the years, including numerous studios and creation tools, such as Anchor, in addition to its collaboration with music artists and labels. With the addition of new advertising solutions, paid subscriptions, interaction tools, and connectors that allow producers to connect their current subscriber base to Spotify’s platform, it has also been attempting to assist them better monetize their efforts. It also introduced Spotify Greenroom, a social audio app that will host live content.

“Mic Check” will build on Spotify’s commitments to creators by featuring a variety of chats with bands and podcasters. Exclusive recordings and personal stories from this group of worldwide innovators will be included on the show, which will be available only on Spotify. On October 26, the business will return its flagship show, “For the Record,” for a third season. Spotify’s commentary on product and financial events, such as earnings reports, product launches, and other business developments, will continue to be featured on this show.

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Spotify’s head of global communications, “From the beginning, Spotify has always had a unique storey to tell and an ambition to tell it their own way.” “Last year, they launched the ‘Spotify: For the Record’ podcast, which was a crucial step in expanding their audio communications channels. Now, they are thrilled to announce that thaey are expanding and launching two new shows that will allow them  to talk directly to each of Spotify’s audiences on the things that matter most to them.

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