LEGO Announces addition of Succulent and Orchid before Mother’s Day

Most of us have been in a situation: where you need to do some last-minute Mother’s Day shopping, and the best idea you get is to buy a succulent or orchid at the local grocery store. Why not take this desperate move on an even better level by ordering a LEGO version of the same plant? Because that’s what LEGO just announced.

First and the one which is expected to be more popular is the $49.99 608 piece LEGO Orchid, named after the plant of the same name. Anyone who has ever purchased an Orchid from a local store is likely aware of how difficult task it is to keep these plants alive. Whereas, the LEGO version is hardier, naturally, but includes several details to give it a more life-like appearance. That includes two “wandering air roots,” a staple of orchid arrangements.

Not only the Orchid but you’ll also get to build a vase for the orchid, leaves, and several pink and white flowers. As is the LEGO Botanical collection tradition, you can customize the look by rotating parts of the set or swapping out the flower pieces for colors you prefer (though you’ll have to supply them).

If you wish to buy something a little more expensive then you can also consider the LEGO Succulent set. It may not be as tall, but you’ll build nine plants and a simple container that resembles the look of succulents found in a store. The set includes 771 pieces, and you can separate out the plants to display them individually.

LEGO Succulent

LEGO Announces addition of Succulent and Orchid

Succulents might be the most addicting plants. And not just because they’re nearly unkillable. (But still killable nonetheless.) They’re small, usually affordable, and serve as the perfect accent to a space, no matter how small. This, obviously, is what makes LEGO Succulents so exciting. The LEGO set consists of 771 pieces, which can create nine succulents. Once built, you can arrange them all together, across a bookcase, or even scattered among real, live succulents. This latter option is the ultimate succulent remix. And what makes the collection quite fun is the variety of succulents one can make, both in size, shape, and color. The LEGO Succulents collection is available for preorder, with a May 1 shipping date.

LEGO Orchids

An orchid is one of the most stunning and peaceful plants. Imagine an orchid that never died—just stood the test of time on the mantle. The LEGO Orchid is absolutely that girl. Consisting of 608 bricks, the LEGO Orchid is inspired by a real orchid. It features five leaves, two air roots, and a buildable blue vase. The completed build stands about 15 inches high. The LEGO Orchid is available for preorder, with a May 1 shipping date.

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