SZA X Crocs Collaboration is coming Soon As she Wears Crocs With Everything

Good days are finally here for fancy footwear fans as the good news of SZA’s “wear with literally everything” collab with Crocs is officially live on

The fan favourite singer and songwriter’s collaboration is totally prepared to feature a custom woodgrain pattern on the Crocs Classic Clog and the Classic Slide. To pair with the Crocs of your choice, she has introduced a variety of Jibbitz; such as a teeny-tiny evil eye, a small Earth figure, an asthma pump, a mushroom, and an amethyst are among her personal charms.

To help her start the publicity of the collab and Mental Health Awareness Month, she tagged many of her close friends Sage Adams, Yaris Sanchez, and Donte Colley. Sage, she explains, was one of the first people she knew on a personal level to tackle her mental-health issues through therapy, inspiring her to employ some of those same techniques in her own life. Yaris, one of the most spiritually and mentally strong people she knows, SZA says, is able to find the light in any situation despite what’s on her plate. Donte keeps things high energy and motivates everyone while dancing through his struggles.

We spoke with SZA for more on the collab, mental health, and how she stays grounded.

What was it like customizing the patterns and Jibbitz?

SZA X Crocs Collaboration

The original SZA wood logo was designed by my homeless friend Greg, who lives in Santa Monica. Some years ago, way before CTRL, he was a guy that I used to go sit next to. One day, he was doing all these cool drawings and I was like, “Wow, this woodgrain thing is crazy.” He made a whole outfit for me in woodgrain as a doodle, and it was so cool. I felt like me being at summer camp, thinking about Camp Anawanna, all those things melded into who I was. So when it was time for me to do the Crocs collab, of course, woodgrain was my first thought for something that would be really cool, textured, and interesting. It represented me so well.

What’s your go-to outfit for wearing with your Crocs? 

I’ve worn literally everything with my Crocs. I’ve been swimming in my Crocs, which are strangely helpful for buoyancy. I’ve dressed them up, worn a really cute short dress. I’ve worn them super-casual. They’ve been really helpful with my little medical boot because they have a tiny platform to keep them level so that there’s not a huge height difference. Literally, every single outfit, they look so cool with my Jibbitz, no disrespect to anybody else’s Jibbitz. With my Jibbitz, it’s, like, little gold accents and the cool pattern they form just make everything look super-cute and quirky, and I appreciate that.

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