Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2 delayed !!

The last major update for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 delayed and was back on December 14, with Season 1 Reloaded bringing the game’s very first Raid, Shipment to multiplayer, and the Chimera Assault Rifle.

There have been a few updates since then bringing bug fixes and reintroducing Loadout Drops to Buy Stations, but players are desperately looking forward to the next content drop with February’s Season 2 update.

While the in-game Battle Pass timer states that Season 1 will end on Wednesday, February 1, an update to the game files suggests the update has been delayed.

According to data miner CODSploitz, who has accurately revealed the release dates for bundles in the past, the last Season 1 bundle will arrive on February 2 and the “dates end on February 15,” which the leaker believe suggests Season 2 will kick off on February 15.

This would be a delay of two weeks and would also mean two months between content updates.

February 15 is actually the same release date as Vanguard Season 2 last year, where the update was delayed from February 1 to February 14 to give the devs more time to work on stability, bug fixes, and “optimizations to gameplay and game balance.”

It appears there’s a chance the same will happen again as the game files now reportedly suggest that Season 1 will run until February 15. Of course, this is far from an official confirmation, as the game files don’t always paint an accurate picture.

While nothing has been confirmed for Season 2 yet, leaks are suggesting it will bring Warzone 2’s first Resurgence map, Gun Game, Gunfight, and Cranked for MW2 multiplayer, and the Crossbow and Vepr-12 Shotgun for both games.

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