Witch Spring 3 is All set to Launch on Nintendo Switch with an improved version

Hello, Gamers!! Your wait is finally over. Studio Artdink is all set to release Nintendo Switch with its new and improved version. An improved edition of the 2017-delivered iOS and Android title, Witch Spring 3 is going to the Nintendo Switch as Witch Spring 3 Re: Fine – The Story of the Marionette Witch Eirudy. It is expected to release universally December 3 for 2,980 Yen, and in Japan for 3,980 Yen. A copy of the game, “Complete Soundtrack CD,” “Witch Spring 3 Concept & Art Book,” and an assembly storage box are included in the physical edition.

Being the third game in the Spring Witch series. Under the direction of Sooyoung Jang, the director of the earlier games released. Developed by KiwiWalks, Four games are available in the gaming series.

Improvised version with a new brand

The previous month, Studio Artdink gladly declared about their newly developed brand called “G Choice” who will be providing some tremendous games and platforms with the help of some of those top-notch gaming developers and makers in the gaming business. Also stated-” They won’t just be distributing their games to Japan. They have indeed confirmed they are considering worldwide distribution.

This time, so what can you expect in this improved version?

  • Players will witness a completely refined title with its Nintendo Switch. It will be including 3D models, sounds, characters, and visuals of certain special events, ensembling them all will be fun for sure for the players.
  • In addition, it’s a first in the history that a game is going to instigate a cast of competent voice-over entertainers for a voice-over of the game characters to revive an average of 50 characters.
  • Aside from all the completely new findings, belongings, and substances, brand new special events are placed though. And guess what’s The great part? It will be elite to the Nintendo Switch.

Language is not a barrier anymore!!

Don’t worry though, folks. Playasiais accepting of the Asian and multi-language versions of the game. With the following language options, you can enjoy the fully improved Nintendo Switch port: Japanese Audio and  English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional & Simplified Chinese Subtitles will be given too.

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