Smart MI Graphene Heater with an IPX4 waterproof rating launched, 3 900W, 1300W, and 2200W gear varient

Winters are coming!  Hoping that you all are doing well. Amid the coming winters, are you in of a heater or you are willing to buy a brand new one. If’ Yes is your answer worry not; In this segment, we will tell you about the latest innovation that has been launched recently in the specification of Heaters. So as usual, For full information do read till the end.

Xiaomi New Winter Gear on Sale

As we all know the winters are approaching us soon, so the need to shop for a new heater would have been on the shopping list of many of you. To solve this problem of yours, new winter equipment is also being pushed out by manufacturers. The latest GR-H new graphene heater has been officially released by Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company Smartmi Technology. The product, priced at 799 yuan (~$119), will go on sale on October 20. It is also scheduled to sell for 599 yuan (~$89) during the 11.11 shopping festival.

Specifications and Features of Smartmi Graphene Heater

  • This heater uses a new material, graphene, which has a 99 percent conversion rate of electric heat, which reduces energy loss during heating, is used by Smartmi ‘s new graphene heater.
  • The graphene heater uses an innovative GFM structure with a heat dissipation area of 7116cm2 that is 48 percent larger than before in terms of the heating element structure.
  • It is coated on the surface of the heating element with a 3322cm2 graphene far-infrared heating element coating, which effectively enhances the heater’s overall heat dissipation efficiency, and the heating rate is 60 percent higher than other electric heaters.
  • The combination of thermal convection and thermal radiation in the heating method can achieve rapid and balanced heating.
  • The problems of uneven heating and slow heating speed of heaters with a single heating method are solved efficiently.
  • The Smartmi graphene heater has a waterproof IPX4 rating and can be used both in the bedroom, living room, and bathroom.
  • A waterproof protective shell is fitted to the internal fully enclosed circuit design.
  • It can still be used normally and securely, even if the shower water splashes on the heater while taking a bath.
  • The power knob has three 900W, 1300W, and 2200W gear options.
  • There is also a temperature control button that can be used to set the temperature you want.
  • It automatically stops heating after heating to the set temperature and enters the heat preservation state.
  • In addition, the heater is designed to support two methods of placement: vertical and wall-mounted, which can be hung at a height that can not be touched by children.

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Are not these features of this heater make it tremendous and a savvy product for upcoming winters. If you feel the same do write us back in the comment section.

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