Shehla Rashid, former JNU student also an activist’s party was funded by Anti national force

Former Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader and also an activist Shehla Rashid’s has been estranged from her father on Monday and levelled serious allegations against her. Abdul R Shora had accused his daughter of having accepted his funds from anti national sources for the political party she was earlier associated with. Shehla is on her part that has been rejected from the allegations as baseless.

Funding of Jammu and Kashmir

Allegations that have been made against her that has been made by her father are baseless, the student activist said that on her father’s demand is to probe that the funding of Jammu and Kashmir the People’s Movement from a party and NGOs with Shehla has been associated. Shora had alleged that no national party would have funded the Shehla’s party. Shehla had formed this party when she went to the US.

Shehla’s father had barred Srinagar house

All their funds have been coming from an anti national force. No national party had a will funded them. On yesterday Shora stated along with that asking for security for herself and she has asked to DG the sir to investigate it into their fund sources. Shehla had said that her father has made these kinds of wild allegations after a court had barred him from entering to her Srinagar house on November 17 while hearing the family’s complaint in a domestic violence case. In a three page letter addressed to the Director of General of Police, Shora told a press in a conference on yesterday that he was facing a threat to his life from Shehla, her security guard, sister and her mother.

Demanded for investigation

She had taken Rs 3 crores to join politics in Kashmir. Engineer Rashid who was a businessman and Zahoor Watali, Shora claimed yesterday. Her father had also demanded with an investigation into the Non Governmental Organizations that being run by Shehla, as well as a probe into the bank accounts from his daughters and their mother. It may be recalled by the Shehla that had entered to the politics when she became a founding of the member of JK Political Movement, which was launched by Indian Administrative Service topper turned politician Shah Faesal. Shehla decided to disassociate herself from the electoral mainstream in Kashmir. Responding to Shehla’s about remark on him being with barred from entering the house, Shora had said that he was restored to the right of habitation to her house in a day by a court order after the domestic violence complaint.

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