Spotify Stories feature on the app, users will be getting a new experience

Spotify is a popular audio streaming service. It is a Swedish platform and has taken the world by storm. If any artist decides to release an album or a single, he must make a significant debut on Spotify for it to be deemed successful. It is used by millions of people worldwide for streaming music and listening to podcasts. Music is available based on artist, mood, or album. The user also gets to create a number of playlists as per his taste. It is available in most parts of Europe, Asia, America, others and has two modes free and premium. The Premium version has its own benefits, ad-free streaming being the best one.

At this time we see a number of applications like Instagram and WhatsApp that are offering a feature called “Stories” or “Status”. Spotify is also trying to incorporate this feature in its app. Spotify is testing the option for its platform and if it gets a nod, we can enjoy the feature on our favorite music streaming app. It is not a rumor or a joke, because most people think that the only thing left to make all social apps one single unit is a stories option. But every application is unique in its own way and their stories are expected to be unique too. For example, if you share an aesthetic through Instagram, you’ll share your music through Spotify. There will be different platforms to share your different talents and that is not a deal-breaker.

Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, Jlo, and many other artists share their Christmas stories

Go to Spotify’s “Christmas Hits” playlist and you’ll be able to see many artists like Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, and Jennifer Lopez sharing their Christmas stories through the “Stories” feature on Spotify. Meghan Trainor is seen talking about all the exciting things that Christmas brings with it, like Reindeer Sweaters and decorations. She also talked about her new song. Kelly Clarkson is seen talking about the Keyboard she got as a kid from her mother, and how it means so much to her. Clarkson shared that she played her first song on that keyboard and she still has it, in order to store her piece of memory.

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This feature is not available in totality yet and the company shared that they keep running tests in order to better the user experience but some tests make it to the interface and some don’t. So, it is not yet official if every user will get to upload their stories or not.

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