Huawei Jimmy Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 1S launched in China

Huawei, the big shark company in China is upcoming with more products in the electronic market and now has launched a handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1S in China. Huawei is known for bringing innovative devices that contain new features and specialties that no other products possess. Now this interestingly new Jimmy Smart Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 1S is grabbing a lot of attention since it’s a fresh electronic item that will transform household cleaning making it user friendly for better service and less requirements of energy. The traditional vacuum cleaning process is hectic but the new Jimmy Smart Wireless Vacuum 1S that won’t make you tired. So let’s see into more detail as to what really makes this vacuum great.

Special items on the Vacuum

This 1.25 kilogram Vacuum will have batteries made from lithium that are inbuilt which will be 3,000mAh battery that will make the vacuum operate for about an hour. It’s strong 120 AW sucking power will allow it to grasp dust particles quickly and handheld comfortably. This vacuum can be easily used due its weight being which is impressive. It will also come with various choices of brushes according to the surfaces.

What’s the wow factor

It has numerous smart features and this vacuum can pair with the app Huawei Smart life and track your data. Hence, when you are utilising the vacuum it will measure your calories that were burnt while using the vacuum. It’s brush is supported by a mechanical digital motor to make its effect of cleaning higher. Due to such additions, this product is perfect for deep cleaning of thick carpets, couches and floor. It can also filter by 5 stages which has a 99.9 percent efficiency and tremendously reduces manpower used in vacuum cleaning. This is beneficial for quick and best cleaning possible also it won’t require much of handling or efforts but works according to your needs. Also the vacuum can be dismantled and cleaned separately for further use.

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