Zoë Kravitz files for divorce After 18 Months Of Marriage before Christmas

Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz who’s a famous singer-songwriter and Lisa Bonet. Zoe has starred in multiple movies that performed well at the box office some of which are Mad max, Divergent, Fantastic beasts, and where to find them, and now will be seen playing the role of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie along with Robert Pattinson. Zoe’s career has seen many major peaks and fame. Also, she has tried her luck in the music industry as well. Although it seems that all is not well in her personal life as she is divorcing her husband who is also an actor Karl Glusman.

Zoe and Karl are going to split

Zoe Kravitz has now filed for a divorce from her husband Karl Glusman. The 32-year-old actor filed a divorce on the 23rd of December 2020 within 18 months of her marriage. It didn’t work out between the two actors and now are getting separated after dating in October 2016 and eventually got married in June 2019. The wedding was in Paris at Lenny Kravitz’s house with several stars and celebrities. Zoe was very confident with her love life and revealed Karl was her true love and she also disclosed she is becoming an adult and making less bad choices. But now it looks like it was not the right decision for both as they are now splitting and filed for divorce right before Christmas.

Karl deleted their photos together from Instagram

The couple that has now officially split have not publicly acknowledged their separation and also did not release any statement regarding the divorce. They are following each other on their social media platforms even though Karl has removed all the couple’s pictures from his Instagram. Whereas Zoe has not made any changes from her social media posts. The couple had previously shared their one-year anniversary post celebrating completing one year together in their marriage. Now Zoe has posted numerous pictures having the same caption new year, little things that may indicate that she is looking for a fresh start and is ready to move on already.

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