Yolanda Hadid posts about her celebrating her anniversary with her boyfriend

Reality Tv star Yolanda Hadid is famous for starring in the sitcom of real housewives of Beverly Hills.She is also the mother of the popular models Bella and Gigi Hadid.The 57 year old actress is currently happy with where she is even though she suffered a lot when she suffered from lyme disease.This health issue took a huge toll on Yolanda as she struggled to work on the ongoing show real housewives of Beverly Hills.She is recovering now and she is getting emotional support from her boyfriend Joseph Jingoli.Their relationship has completed two years and Yolanda posted several photos with Joseph celebrating their anniversary together on Instagram.

What you need to know about Joseph Jingoli

Joseph Jingoli is a 69 year old and is also CEO of his construction company called Jingoli.His company seems successful as his net worth is approximately $40 million US Dollars.His company does construction in various sectors in the United States.He met Yolanda Hadid by a mutual friend and confirmed they were dating when the duo was caught and spotted in New York streets holding hands and laughing.Since then the couple has been going strong.

How did Yolanda and Joseph meet

Yolanda was in isolation due to her Lyme disease and had been recovering when she met Joseph.Apparently Yolanda was living in a farm in Pennsylvania and met Joseph there and they both immediately had great tuning.Yolanda described Joseph as very down to earth and also disclosed she needed normalcy in her life.They both understood the importance of life as they duo felt they were not going live much longer and connected with each other.The couple also revealed they had a new perspective towards life as a whole and believed in living in the present enjoying every moment in life.Hence the couple decided they will not take slow instead they will enjoy all moments together.

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The duo celebrated their anniversary

Yolanda shared on her Instagram account and posted multiple photos with them together and wrote captions saying He is an honorable guy and also showered her love for Joseph saying -All her life She prayed for someone like Joseph .The duo seemed in love and happy together. Previously Yolanda has been married twice once to Mohamed Hadid till six years and divorced in 2000 and then David Foster for six years as well and divorced in 2017.

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