Story of seasons: pioneers of olive town is expanding with the expansion pass. yes, the Nintendo switch game that allows you to simulate pioneer life is expanding. The original game allows the player to take on the role of the protagonist in the game. the protagonist enthralled with his grandfather’s stories of being a pioneer decides to leave the city. Returned to his grandfather’s farm near Olive town. Upon arrival you find that the farmstead has been reclaimed by nature. Yet you determine to follow your dream and set about rebuilding. Additionally, you helped the town become more economically successful. This is the foundation that the expansion pass will build upon in the coming year.


story of seasons expansion pass


The story of seasons expansion pass functions essentially the same as a season pass. In other words, by purchasing the past a player will have instant access to all future game expansions within the season. which makes sense as there is going to be quite a large amount of expansion planned for the game. Specifically, the developers have planned to implement by DLC over the coming seasons. each of these DLC will include a collection of new costumes, characters, and story expansion. This is only some of the new content that the total expansion pass will quickly make available.


How to acquire expansion pass


Currently the story of seasons expansion pass is not is not available. This because the launch date for the first of its content will be March 23, 2021. That being said, the expansion pass is currently available for preorder. the expansion pass preorder is being sold for approximately $20 US. There is every indication that this will be the price of the past after its release as well. Additionally, it does not appear that there will be discounts associated with buying the pass. That is because bundles of the past based game being sold together do not lower the price of either. Regardless, it seems like a good price for the expansion of the great game.

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