Garena free fire has made two major announcements about their game today.

Garena free fire has made two major announcements about their game today. The first is the announcement of their month-long events in relation to Republic day. The second is an announcement of what they do to hackers try to cheat in their game. These two announcements both showcase exactly how much the game developers care about the players. On the one hand they have created a special event that honors India’s political heritage. Also, they have made a definitive statement on how tough they are when it comes to dealing with cheaters. These two reasons are some of the points that make Garena free fire one of the best games today.


Garena free fire Republic day


Garena free fire Republic day will be a series of events taking place throughout the month of January. The events are to honor Indiana’s 72 seconds Republic Day more or less the length of the US is Fourth of July. the events will have numerous features and prices available to the players. In addition to having the access for limited time to specific characters. These characters will be available for free on a couple of missions for players to use. Most of these characters are only available game if players pay diamonds to access them. These are only some of the events and prices available during the Republic Day celebrations.


Garena free fire Deals with cheaters


Garena free fire Developers are figuratively death on anyone they catch cheating. As confirmed by the fact that they blocked more than 30 million accounts in 2020 for cheating. The game developers want their Battle Royale style game to be as fair and balanced as possible. Cheaters destroyed the balance and thus must be dealt with severely. Additionally, Garena free fire developers don’t want anyone knowingly playing with cheaters. Which is why they blogged a further 4000+ accounts that were allowing known cheaters in team matches. It is refreshing to find a game community that so vigorously discourages cheaters.

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