Bling Empire was a huge success and now fans wonder will there be a season two?

Bling Empire was a huge success and now fans wonder will there be a season two? of course it’s not a big surprise that the show was agent is hit. The last couple of years that has become known for producing his original streaming shows. The streaming giant is also a variety of original shows it possesses. Quite literally everything from dark fantasy to romantic comedies Netflix has some original version. The same holds true for reality TV show Bling Empire for several reasons. Space the shell has assembled a top-notch cast of rich Asian Americans for the drama. It is these cast members as well as the premise of the show that one such high accolades from fans. Now many are wondering when season two will become available? A good and not so easy to answer question dealing with the future of Bling Empire.


Bling Empire premise

the show’s premise is essentially a new twist on an old classic. That is the old fallback for reality TV shows of showing the lifestyle of the rich and famous. However, this series has a twist to it that makes rather unique for reality TV. That is to say, the series focuses exclusively on rich and famous (pseudo-famous) Asian Americans. specifically, it follows the more or less daily lives of some of the richest and most outrageous people in LA. It follows their relationships, daily routines, the parties they attend, much more. Perhaps one of the reasons it is such a thing hit in 2020 is that it’s reminds people normal. Though to be fair, the cast of the series version of normal is several degrees higher than most. Still, it does remind people what life was like back in 2019 the series was shot.


while the directors of the show created a totally original concept with as little staging as possible. The idea for the show was actually inspired by something much less based on reality. Specifically, the series was inspired by the 2018 romantic comedy crazy rich nations. In fact, several of the show’s producers and directors have stated they thought the movie would make excellent reality show. Furthermore, many of them felt they wanted to create reality show that showcased rich Asian American culture in the United States. Bling Empire succeeds in that area incredibly well, specifically for being the only American show have all Asian lead cast.

Bling Empire Cast

Bling Empire as many rich and influential Asian American socialites as part of the cast of reality characters. Amongst the most famous of these are Christine Chiu a couture Queen, the model Kevin Kreider, and investor Kane Lim. Additionally, there is Kelly Mi Li an entrepreneur and billionaire daughter/influencer Jaime Xie. Of course, these are only a few of the many cast members.

Bling Empire Season two?

Bling Empire season two is not yet a guarantee. In fact, as of the end of 2020 Netflix has yet to renew the series for a second season. That being said, given its popularity it is almost a certainty that the series will be renewed. As for possibilities of what might be seen in the second season there are several ideas. Besides the fact that relationship issues from the first season have not been adequately resolved. Such as the love triangle between several of the main characters. That being said, season two if it does come to be may have one notable difference. That is, travel and seeing what the cast is like outside of Los Angeles. Apparently, it was an idea that was totally during the first season but scheduling never allow for it. Numerous members of the cast have stated that they would put together travel plans for second season. If this is the case it will be interesting to see how the various individuals act when they are traveling. Or more importantly visiting the places where they grew up or have the most emotional connection to.

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