Supposedly the Nintendo Switch Pro’s Name has been Revealed: The Super Switch?

There have been rumors floating around about Nintendo’s next step in its great adventure of next generation consoles.  One of the only ones that has garnered the attention of many is the news that there will be a next generation Nintendo Switch, dubbed the Nintendo Switch Pro, that will be releasing, or at least announced, sometime this year. However, it seems we finally got a name.

It looks like this next generation console could be called the Super Switch, or Super Nintendo Switch. These are the latest speculations coming from our hive mind: the fans. As of right now, Nintendo has announced nothing. No new model, no official title, nothing. However, this speculation isn’t just an overexaggerated guess like the Switch Pro title one. No, this one, actually has a little bit to back it up with. This news came from Twitter of all places.

Super Switch? Or Nintendo Switch Pro?

On Twitter, a Brazilian journalist who goes by PH Brazil on the site, suggested that the next line in the Switch consoles will not be called the Nintendo Switch Pro, but the Super Switch. This makes a fair bit of sense, considering the history of names that we have seen with the consoles in the past, especially upgrades. However, some stand to say that a more lighthearted name may not be in the works simply because the Nintendo Switch was a breakaway from the line Nintendo was taking. No longer did we have bulky and overly colorful UI’s.

This isn’t the first time we have used this term: Super Switch. Last year, insider Tyler McVicker referred to the next switch as the Super Switch.

What do you think of this new development? What do you want the next Nintendo Switch to have? What do you think it will have? As always, we need to be taking these sorts of speculations with an entire pitcher of salt. While these may be good theories, who knows if they are actually true? Only time can tell at this point, if the Super Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Switch Pro, will be out any time soon, or possibly this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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