Season of the chosen, the new season of destiny has begun with new challenges to face.

Season of the chosen, the new season of destiny has begun with new challenges to face. As with many such games and the previous installments of destiny game seasons bring special and story events. This new season is no exception as it gives players access to a massive amount of new in game. This will range from new in game strike missions to season inspired armor sets for the three classes. Along with the new season new questions have arisen amongst the fans. Such as how will this season tie in  with any of the upcoming expansions. Additionally, will begin laying the groundwork for events in the next season or the next game?


Season of destiny


Destiny as with many games of this genre divides each year up into seasons. Each season is given a unique gameplay which provide unique perks. Such as a new storyline to expand the world of and a set of activities that complement. Additionally, new arguments are added from guns to swords not to mention new armor sets. Not to mention, that during each season a unique perk is given to the player during each level of. each season comes with a season pass that has to be purchased to get all the perks. The passes usually cost about $10 and are good for the entire season. Also, since most season last about 10 weeks it’s usually a great deal.


Season of the chosen

this newest destiny season has many cool features. These include the new and improved 6 person match made activities. Also, individuals who have the season pass for immediate access to weapons and armor specific previous events. They also have access to storyline campaign go along with it. The specific campaign would be the events surrounding St. 14. also, the game developers have reworked the rating system is to have additional bonuses and other features.

Since this new season was announced to coincide with the new set of DLC fans been asking questions. Specifically will season of the chosen tie in with the story events for future DLC and expansions. Additionally, many are wondering if these events are setting up the end of the franchise or the beginning of a third installment?

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