Gilgamesh comes to smite in the new talons of tyranny event.

Gilgamesh comes to smite in the new talons of tyranny event. Ever since the beginning of season eight and announcement of the Babylonian Pantheon this is one of the god’s players wanted.  Not surprising considering his history practically paying for him to be added to the game’s lineup. though very little has been revealed about the character since his announcements some things have been surmised from the trailers. The fact that he is being released as part of the talents of tearing the event show a clash with Tiamat. The event also brings other unique additions to the smite that only the most diligent players can unlock.




Gilgamesh is one of the most well-known of the Babylonian Pantheon, being a hero of one of the first written mix in human history. At first his story connection in the game seems an odd choice, and to reconsider his legend. Not only was he the chain of the lost kingdom but also the seeker of immortality and slayer of gods. This makes him the perfect choice as the antithesis of Tiamat. Additionally, he fits for perfectly into the warrior class for the game. Unfortunately, until he actually is revealed as a playable character the full scope of his abilities are unknown. The only thing known for certain is that he is capable of holding his own against a primordial Dragon. Also, he wields a flaming sword as his primary weapon.


Talons of tyranny


Gilgamesh’s revealed will come as part of the newest event in the smite game. Talons of Tierney is an event that will basically tell the story of Tiamat in the game. In addition to revealing these two members of the Babylonian pantheon the event will add other features. Amongst these is the reveal of the third new God for season eight. Not much is known about this except that it should be another member of the Babylonian. Additional new features available in this this event are several new character skins. These include a 90-steam appearance for one of the Japanese gods added in season eight. Also, CHEB type character skin has been created for one of the divine incarnations of death. Perhaps the most surprising request was a character skin for Ru. Specifically, a character skin that shows this Egyptian deity as nothing more than a artist’s sketch. However, the most impressive feature the new event offers is a character scan for the Mayan God of rain. Based on the trailer for the event this is the most complicated and elaborate character skin created for the game. it will only be available for those players who finish the event. Which means mastering the abilities of Gilgamesh as he journeys through the talents of tyranny.


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